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and a good time was had by all.


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ahhhhh... the file server is back, as is my layout. life is good.

so for those of you who were wondering, the birthday party went quite well. birthday boy had a good time, i think. he certainly looked happy and relaxed. we got the party set up in plenty of time; P vacuumed the whole damn house, and J had already put up decorations and made a birthday cake. get this - she sorted out M&Ms by color, and spelled out birthday boy's name on the cake, each letter a different color! thankfully, his name is a four-letter word, so it fit pretty nicely. and my ever-helpful best friend was a complete life-saver, schlepping my stressed-out ass over to the store, keeping me from buying enough food for a small army (apparently, i was programmed at an early age to think that running out of food at a party is the 8th deadly sin), helping me set up all the munchies, and pretty much keeping me sane.

we got over to the restaurant around 6ish, and settled down in the comfy chairs with a cocktail, and people started to drift in. i should mention that birthday boy was obligated to wear a big ribbon button, announcing that he was the Birthday Star. he took it rather well, i thought. it was quiet when we got there, with just a few people at the bar. and gradually, it turned into about 20 of us hanging out, goofing around, catching up on what everyone's been up to, and enjoying the party. at some point, R decided that body shots were the order of the night. now, the Gs is actually a rather tony little place, or at least, it's not your average watering hole. body shots? at 7:30? in the bar? unhh. but body shots it was. i turned around at one point, and honey had his leg up on a chair, pant leg hiked up, and someone dribbling a shot down his leg. [editorial note: perhaps i have led an exceptionally sheltered life, or missed the physics lesson where this was covered, but don't you need a somewhat horizontal surface to keep the liquid in one place? i'm just saying.] i would not wanted to have been his socks right about then.

i, of course, was fighting the whole 'control freak - Martha Stewart - make *sure* they have a good time' impulse. i get like this. noone has a good time when i do. so i tried to kick back and just hang out with JW, T and E. which worked for a while. but around about 8ish, i started to freak out about people coming back to the house while we were still at the Gs, and worrying that i hadn't bought any booze for the party, and had the dog eaten all the crackers i left out on the table? P, i think, may have been a little frustrated with me, but he's a hard one to read. anyway, i scooted back to the house, lit candles everywhere, put on some jazz (whatever P had in the player, and i love his taste in music), and threw some chicken wings in the oven to heat up. sure enough, peaches and chica showed up a little after 8, asking if they were late. and then everyone started showing up in twos and fives, with wine and gifts and beer. god love our friends, they brought 12-packs. 8) and it was cold enough to leave them out on the porch to chill.

right about then, sweetie discovered the confetti gun i'd gotten him. basically, it's a cap gun, and the cap propels confetti or streamers, depending on what you've loaded up. sweetie and R got really goofy, doing slo-mo action movie scenes and covering each other in glitter. and someone discovered the little bubbles i'd scattered around the house. and i made peaches laugh when i took her into the bathroom and demonstrated the musical doo-hickey i'd tucked inside the toilet paper roll: every time you pulled on the toilet paper, it started singing 'Happy Birthday'. and b'day boy got his very own crown.

did i mention that R brought his friend JosŤ to the party? JosŤ Cuervo, that is. yes, my friends, you can see this coming: another round of body shots, but this time i had to participate. now, sweetie's sis, TC, had come by the restaurant before her class, but i think she left before the shots. she came back to the house after class, which was great - but also led to my mortifying moment. R decided that i had to do a shot off the birthday boy. fine. two rules: make sure he checks for belly button lint first, and i Will Not Do Tequila Shots. it has to be Drambuie. all well and good - b'day boy lies down on a few chairs, pulls up his shirt, and away we go. it's kinda fun, actually. i can see the appeal. now it's my turn. if you don't know this about me already, i'm a bit of an exhibitionist. so i didn't think twice about unbuttoning my shirt - hey, it's silk, i'm not gonna get tequila all over it! first i catch the look on peach's face. she's a bit shocked. then i catch sight of TC. she's looking a little horrified, and suddenly i'm mortified. i mean, how is it that it's fine for everyone else to witness this, but it's embarrassing for TC to be there for this? perhaps because we were all acting like goofy kids, and i see her as the adult.

lesson #1: while your cleavage might be ample, it doesn't make a good launching pad for a shot. i pushed the girls together, but didn't really think about the physics of it all, so i didn't lean back. the tequila ran right down the front of me. yech. then i laid down for the next shot - salt in my navel, followed by tequila, and a lime in my mouth. y'all, i was picking salt out of my navel for days. lesson #2: never do this when anyone is present with a camera. there will be blackmail later.

so, there was general cool hanging out, some video games, a bunch of jamming in the basement, and a lot of tipsiness. god love the meacham street gang - the place was pretty clean by the time i came down the next day. of course, i felt kind of guilty about not doing more to clean up, but that's my problem.

and the coda to yesterday's entry: there was a discussion about my prickly little note, and there was no fight. sweetie isn't upset, for which i am very grateful. turns out... she meant to send the nasty note to her therapist, not me. she, of course, called to give him her side of the story. and it didn't lead to any tension between us. he listened to my side (pretty much what i wrote yesterday), and it was all cool. yay. 8)

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