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lack of updates can be attributed to the raucous social life i had this weekend... or lack of access to a working computer, take your pick.

actually, the weekend was wonderful. got to spend lots of time with my friends and my sweetie, do nice things for people, and sleep late. friday was supposed to be dinner and a movie, but we got really tired, so it was just dinner.

lesson learned saturday: do not try to carry 32 pounds of laundry anywhere, no matter how well intentioned your offer of help may be. 'cuz it's just a lot of work. heaved the damn bag onto the bus, and the gentleman sitting opposite me offered that it was quite a large load i was toting. "mm hm. for a friend," i panted. two girls on the other side of the bus looked at each other, and one said "well, that's the end of that friendship," or something like that. "nope," says the little voice in my head, "but i will be rethinking the terms. perhaps i shouldn't say i'd walk across hot coals for my friends." because, really, it makes a much better metaphor that personal experience.

saturday night was a real live grown-up dinner party! we had cocktails in the living room, and dinner in the dining room, and we all used the right forks, and minded our manners... ah, feh. well, we used the right forks anyway. played fictionary after dinner, and when that proved too much effort, switched to the name game.

what? you haven't played fictionary before? ah, well... so, here's the rules: you need a big fuck-off dictionary, some paper and pencils, and some wierdly creative people. the last is not necessary, but helpful. person whose turn it is picks a word out of the dictionary, makes sure noone knows the word, then spells it out for them. persons whose turn it isn't write down the word and their creative definition, which can either be a close approximation of what it might really be, or way far out there. person whose turn it is also writes down the word, and the real definition, then collects up the slips of paper, shuffles them up, and reads them out loud. then persons whose turn it isn't (when done laughing) vote on likeliest and funniest definitions. definition with the most votes determines who takes the next turn.

let me tell you - letting eight tipsy people loose on words like 'pliohippus' and 'scrat' can be mighty dangerous. 8)

lesson learned sunday: even if you are cleaning the bathroom out of the most serious self-interest, it's still a pretty gross job.

and then there was sunday night. i'm such a band slut, i swear. i've got to tell the story properly, tho, so it's gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

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