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later, that same evening


feeling kinda how a girl feels

finally made it home... listening to eric in the evening, the jazz program on local public radio, and they're spotlighting louis armstrong (if there was ever a face made for radio, eric has it, but he's a wonderful host), sipping a glass of red wine, and have a purring cat in my lap... it almost makes up for the long, cold journey home.

i decided to pick up a few groceries after work, and i timed it so that i could catch the bus back to my place - it stops about 2 blocks from my apartment. wouldn't you know, the bus was late. really late. like 15 minutes late. and it was cold. hey, at least i didn't have to worry about the frozen food melting! the problem with waiting for a late bus is that there's no break point for deciding to walk home. after chanting the Bus Mantra to make the bus show up, and bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet to keep from shivering, it dawned on me that the bus probably wasn't going to show up. then again, it might. so do i wait? or do i walk home? it's a 20 minute walk, and the next bus would be here in 15 minutes. or the first bus might show up at any minute. is it better to wait and get colder, or start walking home and maybe have the bus drive right past me? see, there is no good decision here. which is why i waited, and the first bus did show up, and i almost said something to the driver, but he already had The Attitude... just not worth it.

ran one more errand when i got home; since i was already cold, i decided i might as well walk around the corner to return a cake pan and some CDs to my neighbor. made a big pan of stroganoff and fed my face... and i'll get 3 meals out of it for 3 bucks. ahhh... fed, watered, calmer, and warm. that's better.

found out at bro's birthday party that my sister-in-law had slagged me and my sister in absentia for 'forgetting' his birthday, since we didn't send cards or make plans to get together with him. oh, well - guess i worked too well on hiding the birthday. 8) in my defense, i did call him on his birthday and threaten to sing to him. now, there's a gift you can live without.

almost forgot - i saw jennett briefly in the office last week, which was a pleasant suprise after the double take. i think he might be back from australia, and working in new york. one never knows with jennett - bloody globe-trotting Brit. ;)

i'm about to conk out for the night in a warm flannel sheeted bed. sweet dreams, y'all.

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