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you know the Idiot's Guide to Managing your Money? my picture should be right on the cover of that. just balanced my checkbook, and between paying off all my utility bills and shamelessly splurging on myself this past weekend, i've got next to no money left to get me to the next paycheck... which is the end of the month. ramen it is! sheesh. i got so excited about having a little money that i treated it like a lot of money. and now we're back to square one.

i'm really tired today; all i want to do is put my head down on my desk and take a little nap. better yet, i want someone to drive me home, feed me, and tuck me into bed early. *snort* like that's gonna happen. watched way too much bad TV last night, starting with the final presidential debate. my best friend was over to hang out and look at pictures, and, as predicted, she ran for the foothills soon after i switched on the debate. but first she laughed at me for getting so agitated i was yelling back at the TV, correcting their grammar, arguing, and tossing cat toys at the set with really bad aim (i had a wine glass in my right hand, so i was tossing leftie). well, at least there was some amusement in the whole debacle.

herewith, my humble opinions on how to make the debates better next time:

1. open the debates to all legitimate candidates, not just the two parties trying to keep a stranglehold on the political landscape. yes, legitimate is a vague term, but we have 4 years to work it out.

2. give it back to the league of women voters to organize.

3. get a moderator with better skills, or at least a pulse. hey, maybe jerry springer will be available!

4. institute some sort of reprimand for evading questions, like, say, tossing cream pies at the candidate who dodges and weaves with a rehearsed platform statement.

is it really so much to ask of them, people? if i'm gonna give someone my vote to lead the country for the next four years, s/he could have the common courtesy to directly answer a few questions, rather than sounding like a skipping CD tossed out of an ad agency.


heard that a friend of a friend has been diagnosed with ovarian/uterine tumors, which will hopefully turn out to be benign. she's understandably stressed out about this; i wish we had worked out a friendship, as she needs all the support she can get right now to get her thru this. what gets me is how advanced the tumors are; she's been complaining to her doctors for a while, and they're just now catching the problem. hello? this is not good. pay attention, doc! if the patient says there's an issue, there's an issue. don't dismiss it. wish there was more to do to help her than just send warm, fuzzy thoughts her way.

the rain has me down today; gonna go home and sleep. back with a more exciting story tomorrow.

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