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i must be the last person on the face of the earth to see Lord of the Rings. and i'm a Tolkein fan, too. for my birthday last year? single volume version of LOTR, the one in red leather. only thing i asked for. and one of the first books i remember my dad reading to me is The Hobbit.

maybe that's part of the reason i took so long to see it, tho. the books have been with me for a long time. at one point, when i was reading LOTR, i dreamed i could be Aragon. he was the character i identified with the most.

and when you're reading, the images go straight to memory. i have very clear ideas of what Minas Tirith looks like, how Aragon should carry himself, how a hobbit hole is constructed, what it must have felt like to be sitting in that smoky tavern in Bree, when they first set out.

so i put off seeing the movie for ages and ages. and it was only a fluke that i saw it tonight at all.

i had a date with the Squirrel, and he invited me over for a home cooked dinner (which was quite delicious). i had brought some raspberry gelato for dessert, and some Eddie to watch. for whatever reason, the tape just didn't work with his setup. it had a horrible buzz, and it was making me crazy. so i asked what else he might have that we could watch. this is how i stumbled into seeing LOTR, finally.

overall, i was pleased. some of the characters don't look right, some of the places don't seem quite... on. and the dwarfs? eh. nope. don't fit my mental images.

but mostly, it was a delight to see a fully realized version of Tolkein's world. quibbles aside, the movie strung together all my disparate still images into a living, breathing world. and that was lovely.

see, now i have to rent it, or buy it on VHS, or buy a DVD player and the movie, or finally get around to buying a new TV and a DVD player... see how this snowballs? see why i didn't get into this in the first place? first it's just seeing the movie, and then it turns into replacing my entire home entertainment system and rewiring the place for surround sound.

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