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update, 1 Oct 02: i promise, the yesterday and tomorrow links will be back. and i promise i'll update soonish.

the page code is in decent shape. i'll still take hints. :)

right now, i'm trying to put my life back together after letting stanzi go. i promise - lots of updates, and soon. but at this moment - i need to hang out with my white cat and cry a little bit.

i'm really distracted.

i'm trying to do 57 things at once, none of them well.

one of them, clearly, is coming up with a new layout.

my sincere apologies - i'm working without a net on this one.

which means that the look of this place will keep changing. some of it won't be pretty. you might want to take small children out of the room.

i'm working on getting this together. i promise.

thanks for being patient, and i promise it'll look pretty again soon.

also - if anyone is familiar with CSS, which i know about as well as Sanskrit - wanna lend a hand? i've goofed something, badly, and i can't for the life of me make this look right in Netscape. yes, i do care about compatability. makes me a little crazy when the journal doesn't look good.

i'll make you cookies, or send you something from your wish list, if you're willing to help.

that's right - i'm not above begging. :)

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