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100 Things. baaaa.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

okay. meme sheep that i am, i'm giving in. many of the journals i read are doing this. herewith, my list of a hundred things you might not know about me.

oooooo, lookie, lookie! there's even a webring for this!

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  1. i wear two toe rings - both silver, one with a Celtic swirl, one with a blue stone.
  2. i have a print of Hippolyte Flandrin's Jeune Homme over both home and work desk.
  3. i've thought about legally changing my last name to my mother's maiden name.
  4. i'm embarrassed to travel in Europe, because i've forgotten all my French.
  5. well, not all my French. i can still struggle thru.
  6. i can generally read Latin pretty well.
  7. i have no interest in learning German.
  8. i have a taste for single malt Scotches.
  9. i'm incredibly shy when i meet someone for the first time if i like them.
  10. i'm never assertive at the right time. i can shut down friends, but i'm too polite to be rude to strangers.
  11. i used to work at a theatre, and met some famous people.
  12. i hate asking for autographs; i do it anyway.
  13. i never asked for an autograph at work.
  14. i swear like a sailor. really. ask my friends who sail.
  15. i know how to steer a canoe.
  16. there are nearly 500 CDs in my music collection.
  17. i'll try nearly anything once.
  18. i write erotic fiction on the side to keep myself entertained.
  19. i hope to publish someday. probably the erotic stories.
  20. i'm comfortable shopping for sex toys.
  21. i like it when my partner talks to me.
  22. yes, in bed.
  23. i can do the backstroke, sidestroke, and crawl. not so good on the breaststroke.
  24. i collect little things on trips - shells, a pine cone, train tickets.
  25. i mean to put them all in a scrapbook someday; i haven't done it yet.
  26. i can kick your ass at Trivial Pursuit.
  27. my hobbies go thru phases; they change every few months.
  28. i never thought i'd still be writing this journal nearly two years in.
  29. i've participated in an archeological dig.
  30. there's a monkey with a fez on top of my monitor.
  31. there's another one on my dashboard.
  32. also on top of my monitor - my grandfather's name plate from his office.
  33. i remember what my grandfather smelled like.
  34. my dad took me fishing with my brother once, and i caught sunfish.
  35. i prefer to use herbal or homeopathic medicines rather than prescriptions.
  36. i can crack nearly every joint in my body, except my right elbow.
  37. i can touch my forehead to my knees in yoga pose.
  38. when i was about 8, my friend jane and i looked at all her dad's Playboy magazines.
  39. we also made a lot of crank calls.
  40. jane also showed me her hampster's weewee. (hey, we were 8.)
  41. i remember the first time i saw Wizard of Oz. my parents let me stay up late for it.
  42. our den in my first house was orange shag.
  43. and there was panelling.
  44. i've lived in 12 different houses or apartments.
  45. i still remember the phone number of my first home.
  46. i've had nearly 20 boyfriends.
  47. i think pets are more loyal than most people.
  48. i can recite nearly all the dialog from Young Frankenstein.
  49. also, Princess Bride.
  50. and most of Eddie Izzard's videos.
  51. i don't mind driving in Boston; i don't want to drive in New York.
  52. i was pregnant while i was married.
  53. no, i'm not a mother.
  54. snot makes me nauseuos.
  55. i hate it when people talk to me from the next stall.
  56. i used to help myself to candy from the drugstore when i worked there.
  57. i didn't think of it as shoplifting, more like fair pay.
  58. the desk i'm sitting at is the same one i had in junior high school, complete with shamrock sticker.
  59. my some-number-of-greats grandfather built the drop front desk on the other side of the room.
  60. i own an egg slicer and butter paddles.
  61. i've used both of them.
  62. my favorite shot is currently the Screaming Nazi. half Rumplemintz, half Jaegermeister.
  63. i want to travel to Italy - specifically Rome and Venice.
  64. i like to keep my refrigerator organized. milk goes in the door, butter on the second shelf, vegetables on the bottom shelf, and condiments on the right side.
  65. i like Marmite.
  66. i know how to make my own bread. and it's tasty.
  67. i used to run a catering business.
  68. i'm a bit of a control freak. (okay, that one you probably already guessed.)
  69. i'm addicted to my cell phone.
  70. there's a gargoyle sitting on top of the bookcase by the door to the kitchen, and another one on my desk.
  71. i used to have a thousand books, give or take; i'm slowly paring down to the ones i really want to keep.
  72. i almost always tip more than 20%. you have to really piss me off for me to tip less.
  73. i can never remember more than one joke, usually the last one i heard.
  74. i don't see any point in waxing your armpits.
  75. i do see a point in waxing your bikini line.
  76. i'm compulsive about tweezing; i can't travel without a pair of tweezers.
  77. i have to have Q Tips when i travel, too.
  78. i think of my sister every time i tweeze my eyebrows.
  79. i hate wearing makeup.
  80. i'm also compulsive about lip stuff - it used to have to be Carmex, but now i'm not so fussy.
  81. i'm very ticklish.
  82. very few people know my middle name.
  83. i want to model for an art class.
  84. i've played some 20,000 games of Solitaire til Dawn.
  85. i had a boyfriend at summer camp; his last name was Zaorski.
  86. everyone at school thought i'd made him up.
  87. i nearly didn't get confirmed because i refused to say catholic.
  88. my mom explained the difference between catholic with a big C and with a small c.
  89. i throw out chain letters.
  90. for a sleepover at Patti's house in junior high, we took couch cushions out on the back porch and slept outside.
  91. i started wearing a bra in sixth grade.
  92. the one good thing about gaining weight is the cleavage.
  93. my mom is envious of my cup size.
  94. i changed my handwriting a few times because i liked someone else's handwriting.
  95. i did a presentation on pet rocks in my sixth grade English class.
  96. i used to hate speaking in public.
  97. it's gotten easier since i stopped giving a shit what people thought.
  98. i've learned to make backups ever since someone doped up on cough medicine erased my entire summer intership summary.
  99. i fell off the jungle gym in my backyard once, and knocked the wind out of myself, enough that i prayed for someone to find me.
  100. i used to sit in a tree in the backyard of my second home to read; the idea was much cooler than the actual act.

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