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feeling kinda how a girl feels

random thought for today: am i the only person on the face of the earth who's never eaten cold pizza for breakfast? does this make me some sort of freak?


so i have a shiny new thermostat, after listening to my furnace blow cold air at me for 36 hours straight. i've got forced hot air; it's a noisy kind of heat, but it doesn't really bother me. i'm used to turning the TV up a little when the heat comes on, and it doesn't wake me up anymore. plus, it's lovely to stand on the grate in my socks and thaw out my feet after walking home in the winter. however... 36 hours straight? i didn't realize how much the constant white noise was grating on my nerves until it shut off. oh, the blessed silence! and now i have heat. yum. 8)

what kills me is that thermostat has been wonky since the day i moved in. i told my landlord about it, and when she stopped by, i snapped the cover off the thermostat to show her that the coil was damaged. her response? 'that's not how you set the thermostat! you leave the cover on!' well, duh. i wasn't trying to set it, dearie. that was enough, tho, for her to get it into her head that i'm a girlie girl who doesn't understand anything technical. so she didn't get it repaired. hey, all i can say is if you *had* listened to me then, you wouldn't have gotten the midnight phone call when i came home to a cold house. yes, this is a classic 'told you so'. makes me feel better.

my landlords have fixed up a bunch of other stuff around the building the last few weeks. a fit of spring cleaning, perhaps? the basement is clean (minus a few things i had stored, because they didn't let me know, altho i was able to rescue my Oriental rug from the trash). the front hall has been repainted to a blinding shade of white - well, to my eye, anyway, as i'd gotten used to the wood paneling and relative dimness. the front door got relacquered and the doorknob is repaired (knock on wood; it usually falls out every few days, so we'll see how long it lasts). and the porch light now has a glass cover. they aren't called covers, are they? they aren't shades, exactly. what the hell *do* you call the glass bit that covers a ceiling light? huh. anyway, we have one of those. all in all, the place looks a little sprightlier. and that's nice.


and on the personal maintenance front, i think i'm starting to see some progress. yay! results from all the exercise! whee hee! it was vaguely depressing for the first month, as i was sweating my ass off (or was trying to) and ended up gaining weight. you know, as much as you might understand the whole fat v. muscle thing, and know that bulking up on muscle will add weight but subtract inches... it's still depressing to see the scale creeping up. somehow, it doesn't seem fair that the reward for getting up extra early so you can go stretch and groan and torture yourself with a Pilates class or bore yourself to tears on the treadmill would be more weight. i should be getting smaller, damn it!

but i've kept plugging away. it helps that my best friend and i have been making gym dates and pushing each other to go. we're less likely to bag out because we feel like we should be there for the other person. the gym is doing a March Madness competition thing this week, and that's helped us do a little bit more, even, than we have been. and finally the persistence is starting to pay off. i've dropped a few pounds, even on the notoriously overestimating gym scale (people forget to reset it, so it's calibrated a few pounds too high). and my tummy seems flatter. but here's the real test: it's easier to get into my jeans even when they're right out of the dryer. yeah, baby. now *that's* progress, not having to jump around to get into freshly washed jeans.

of course, now we're gonna undo all that by going out to dinner, because i have a craving for Indian food. ;)

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