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happy Turkey Day! and the outpost goes all seasonal.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i meant to write a big ol' entry, explaining all the stuff that's been going on lately.

instead, i've spent many hours (okay, 3) redesigning my page. and my blog. and all the pages you can get to from here, to make them match.

good use of my time, eh? i did some laundry and vacuumed too, but mostly dicked around on the computer. i should have been packing for tomorrow, and wrapping gifts, and getting to bed early so i can get up in time to make the train. well, make the bus to get to the subway to get to the train.

i've been practicing driving. and i'm better, really i am. but i still don't feel confident enough to drive alone, let alone on the highway or thru Boston, and certainly not on a holiday when every other yahoo is out there too.

so i'm doing the whole public transportation thing. that will at least allow me time to nap on the way down.

i'm off to my brother and sister in law's for Turkey Day. full house, and the first big family dinner in their new house. and i'm staying the night, so i can get a little more hang time with them, once the insanity subsides.

i have the rest of the weekend off, mostly. working a show, going to a show, driving some more, and sleeeeeeeping. but i'm going to try to make time to explain the huge gap in entries (i'm finally 'fessing up to being far behind), and get some of the stuff in my head out on (virtual) paper, so i can start to make sense of it.

hey, lemme know what you think of the new layout, eh? i was tired of purple, and wanted something cleaner, more seasonal. the Big Layout Change is still in the offing, but this at least gets me out of a rut.

if you're celebrating Turkey Day, have a safe and happy holiday! best wishes to you and yours.

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