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you could at least say good morning, she observed drily.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

ah, what a difference a week makes. :)

i have a couch. whee hee! yeah, the wayward couch finally has a home. stayed home Friday morning, waiting for the delivery guys. they did show up, and rang the upstairs bell incessantly. i finally heard it, and leapt out of bed, but unfortunately they had already woken up my neighbors. bad karma. so then we establish that the couch should be here, yes, and it belongs to me. Dumber Than Dirt Boy comes in to size up the room, and i ask him if, for a good tip, he'd be willing to take the old one out to the curb. because, you see, i'm a Girl, and i live alone, and i can't possibly wrestle it out there on my own. *bats eyelashes* he doesn't seem to understand that he's gonna make some money out of this, and mumbles something about 'non possibla'. okay, fine.

Abercrombie Boy, his partner, then comes in and i ask him the same thing. he seems to be fine with it. i slip them each $10, and the old couch disappears. the new couch appears. i start fussing around with it, look out the window, and realize that not only are they taking the couch out, they're taking it with them! i run out to make sure they understood it only had to go to the curb, and they ask me if i want to keep it. 'no, no - you want to take it with you, god love you!' one less thing to worry about, that's for sure. so hopefully it finds a new happy home; it's ugly, but it's comfortable.

and my new couch is here. hee. :) it makes such a difference - it looks like an adult lives here now! it's squarish, a long loveseat or a short couch, somewhere in between. and the fabric worked out very nicely - the couch is a deep maroon nubbly fabric, and i got paisley print pillows with a maroon sort of background. i keep looking over at it and grinning. of course, it's already covered with white cat hair, naturally.

*stretch* *yawn* oh, my, that was good... i just got up from a little nap on my new couch. it was calling my name, i swear! really! so we had a little bonding moment. the nice thing is that it's long enough for me to stretch all the way out (which isn't all that long, really) - nice change from the other one, which i used to sleep on all squashed up in uncomfortable positions. they were never uncomfortable when i fell asleep, but when i got up, something was always stuck. not on this one, nope.

so now the rest of the shopping begins. i think the rugs will be next, only because i already have them picked out. couple of area rugs, Oriental style but clearly knockoffs because they're affordable. and a little Dirt Devil should probably show up soon, so i can keep up with the cats, who seem to shed copious amounts regardless of time of year. then some new end tables, maybe frame a few things... see? it never stops with the furniture. that's where it starts.

so the couch showed up, and i got the apartment straightened up a little. redid my hair a brilliant-er shade of red and felt very much like Medea, rinsing it all out in the shower. (well, okay, it's a bit esoteric, but it's better than flashing on Psycho, don't you think?) bill came by to pick me up for lunch (such service, i swear), and i made the fatal mistake of checking in with my boss beforehand, who by all rights should have been gone. 'oh, *good*. you're just in time.' never a good opening line. eh. took care of that, and grabbed lunch over at Iruña, which is always tasty. almost didn't make it out of the office on time, as the director came by at 10 of 5, and said 'oh, *good*. you're still here.' still not a good opening line. did make it home in time, tho, to get ready for my date.

ah, yes... i had a date last night, and it was fantastic. *big silly grin* The Boy came up for dinner, and arrived looking very sharp (with incredibly cold hands - he'd blasted the AC all the way up). i've been so looking forward to this, and it was as lovely as i'd hoped. of course, i was a nervous girly mess all afternoon. it took several phone calls to get me thru getting dressed and doing my makeup. what is it about this boy that makes me feel like this? eh? what? oh, wait... he's sexy and charming and funny and he likes me. oh, yeah. that would do it.

*cough* we very nearly didn't make it out of the house. *cough* but he was starving, and we had late reservations for dinner, so we stopped in at the Gs for a quick bite. bumped into mark and lynn and tom, chatted a bit, and then headed downtown. it worked out rather nicely, as we had scored street parking in Davis, so we could zip downtown by T, thus avoiding the whole 'where to put the car?'.

since we had time, he and i wandered down Newbury Street - and what a scene that is at night. i had forgotten, and really, it's a scene any time of day or night. got to Sonsie's with time to spare, and it was a good thing i'd thought to make reservations, as it was an hour wait otherwise. we, however, were promptly shown to a marble cafè table right in the window, which is open to the sidewalk in the summer. he joked it might have been my outfit. we did both make pretty nice window dressing, if i do say so myself. yes, i finally got to wear The Outfit and the Shoes. ;)

dinner was delicious; don't know what i was expecting, but the food was better than i'd hoped. i did have a moment where i thought the waiter was going to impale me, as he brought the bread over. they serve it in this spiral coil *swirls fingers around* and the tail of it sticks right out, for balance. and also for skewering unsuspecting customers. we split a bottle of Pouilly Fuisse (as they were out of Cakebread, my fave), and started with a tempura lobster. nummy nummy... they served it with broiled eel rolls that were to die for. i actually waved my finger around at one point to get him to stop talking so i could enjoy the flavors. heh. he got the haddock special with truffled potatoes (had a bite and it was yummy), and i was good, having the wild mushroom crêpes (which were tasty) instead of the 16 ounce sirloin that i had my eye on.

of course, the rest of the fun was watching the parade going by the place. i must have kept making little choking noises, because he would lean over to ask what catty thing i wanted to say. he had his share of comments, too. très amusant. (gah... i've forgotten so much French...) ah... sitting at the window table on a gorgeous summer night, with fantastic company, excellent conversation, a soupçon of flirting, good wine, good food... does it get much better than this, i ask you?

actually, it does. but the rest of the night is a story just for me and him. you'll have to use your imagination.

*putters around apartment* huh. it would appear that he forgot his linen shirt. huh. oh, chagrins. :) it's such a silly thing, but it makes me happy. you know i'll be wearing that at some point this week, inhaling his scent and having deliciously inappropriate thoughts.

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