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feeling kinda how a girl feels

there's just a little something i need to get off my chest before i wax poetic about my lovely weekend.

can i just say - guys annoy me. stupid people annoy me. rude people annoy me. god forbid you go 0 for 3. 'nuff said. wait, no - not enough. Seth (yes, that's his real name), i just want you to know that your complete lack of manners, decency and common sense might play into the fact that you're single. ya think? get a haircut, get a facial, get some manners, learn to make eye contact when talking to another human being. last time i checked, my tits were still mute. trust me - these few simple steps will get you far in life (altho not with me). and when i told you i had a boyfriend, wasn't interested in talking to you, was out to spend time with my friend, wasn't interesting in coming to your table - I WASN'T LYING.

~~whew (deep breath)~~

well, there. that's much better. now that that's out of the way...

this weekend was really nice. had a Girls' Night Out™ Friday with my best friend; we met up and went out for a few glasses of wine (well, at least for me; she had beer). didn't know that it was Harvard-Yale weekend, tho, so it was tough to find a less than swamped place to hang out. the place we ended up going was so crushed that at one point i ordered two glasses of wine, just to give the bartender a break, since he only seemed to be able to make it back every hour or so, despite the fact he was hustling. Seth notwithstanding, it was good to get out and catch up on stuff. i think the next GNO™ will be better, too, because she and i are a little behind on what's going on, so a lot of the conversation went like this: 'did i tell you about this really important thing?' 'no - when did that happen?' 'oh... three weeks ago.' it's a lot of pressure to recap your last month in 20 words or less. so, having gotten sort of up to speed, maybe we can just go out and be goofy next time.

of course, i did stay out a little too late (the cab driver who kept me trapped talking politics was no help), so saturday morning was a little tough. sweetie offered to drive me over to my hair appointment, and our hairdresser managed to fit him in for a cut too. he hadn't been able to get an appointment, but we were a little early and her prior person had blown her off. and she didn't even charge him - what a doll. cannot tell you how *happy* it made me to get all that stuff shaved off. it's not really that short, but it feels like it. it's been nearly 2 1/2 months since my last cut, due to a combination of bad schedule/being sick/lack of money, and i keep my hair pretty short (the marines in my office get nervous that i'm showing them up). it was especially bad because i'd hit that stage where you started to grow out of the last cut, but you're not quite up to the next stage, and your hair just annoys you, and looking in the mirror in the morning just makes you want to scream and cut off the offending bits yourself, except you know that would just make it worse and make you look like one of those Barbies that you experimented on in the mistake belief that their hair would grow back... ah... fly! be free! no more hair!

then we went shopping at MicroCenter. oh, dear. oh, dear, that's geeky. oh, dear, i want one of everything. oh, dear, i can't afford that really nice flat monitor... but i really want it. the nice thing about the shopping trip was that i realized scanners are pretty damn affordable. i had been laboring under the illusion that they were hundreds of dollars. while you can in fact spend that much money, you don't have to. i could actually have gone home with a scanner and a USB card for well under $100. this is very exciting news for me. three guesses what my next toy is gonna be, kiddos.

i had a board meeting in the afternoon, which was kinda draggy, but i did feel virtuous for having pulled together the meeting and getting some good ideas out of it. next step is writing out the marketing proposal for review. remind me again why i didn't take two steps back? oh, yeah... we were all sitting down.

the Comics Come Home show saturday was unbelievably funny. Denis Leary - 'Europe really shouldn't be laughing at us. If it weren't for us, they'd all be speaking German. I think that gets a lifetime comp everywhere.' i did write a piece about it yesterday if you're interested in more details. the bologna sandwich alone was worth the price of admission.

sunday turned out to be the nicest day i've had in a while, despite the fact i couldn't sleep late to save my life. go figure - i've been really tired, had nothing to do, had been up until 3:30 talking to paul, and wanted to sleep in. nope. up at the ass-crack of dawn, and couldn't go back to sleep for trying. puttered around, played on my site, had some tea, did part of the crossword, played on my site some more, surfed around to explore some of the collabs, took a really long hot shower... then got a little distracted. let's just say i didn't worry about balancing my checkbook for a while. then somehow, it worked out that sweetie, rob, jill and i would all have dinner together rather than going out, and i offered to do the cooking. i say it worked out somehow because i don't actually remember at any point saying 'dinner would be fun, shall i cook?' it just kind of evolved. we went off to run a few errands and shop for dinner, and picked up some wine on the way home (gotta love this - the liquor stores are actually open on Sundays around the holidays). i also got some eucalyptus oil for jill's next bath, since she has the bronchial thing that's been going around the house. i swear, that house should be quarantined. i threw together the marinade when we got in, then we spent a little time cleaning up the kitchen. it was pretty easy, really, especially with two of us. we even cleaned out the fridge, which sounds gross, but was quite satisfying. sweetie stepped up to the plate and did HazMat detail - there was one really noxious gallon of milk that was not gonna make it down the drain. i hadn't realized how pronounced my organizational bent is until i looked at the fridge afterwards. everything was sorted by type, and lined up in neat little rows - condiments in the door, beverages on the left of the top shelf, eggs, cheese and butter on the second shelf... yeesh. scary. the roomies were happy, tho. it was a pretty simple but very yummy dinner: we made the Asian Beef Fillets again, using orange juice because i didn't get enough lemons, steamed asparagus, sweet grape tomatoes, roasted vegetables (red peppers, portabello 'shrooms, and red onions with olive oil, fresh rosemary and balsamic vinegar), and a basket of different rolls and focaccia. earl put all kinds of candles on the table, jill put out little saucers of olive oil to go with the bread, rob brought up a bottle of wine, and we had St. Germain's newest album, Tourist, playing in the background. much eating later, rob made coffee, we had chocolate shortbread cookies and orange/vanilla ice cream, and watched Suicide Kings, which is a great movie. i had thought i'd want to go out, see some friends, hear some music, mellow out before the new week started... and i got truly lucky. didn't have to leave the house at all to do any of that. what a great night.

and today's mindless diversion... The MASH Game. i don't really remember this as a kid, but it's like a lot of other games where you try to figure out where the rest of your life is going. fill in some blanks, hit a button, and find out where you're going. MASH, by the way, is an acronym for Mansion, Aparatment, Shack, House, which should give away the kind of game.

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