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how to see beth move at speed previously unknown: convince the guy she's seeing to call when telemarketers usually do. it's best to do this when she's still half asleep and hasn't found her glasses yet. let her lie there until the machine picks up. make her think it will be another credit card pitch. start giggling when her eyes snap open on recognizing the voice. laugh your ass off when she rockets thru the kitchen to get the phone, nearly killing herself in the process by tripping over a chair. continue to giggle helplessly as she tries to string together a coherent sentence, find her smokes, and not drop the phone, all at once. hold a cup of coffee tantalizingly out of reach, just to watch her suffer.

other than that, it's been a pretty sedentary day. 8)

hey, could someone please put this weather system on Prozac, just to even things out a bit? i mean, god, we live in New England (wait 5 minutes, the weather will change), but i'm kind of over it. last week - 95, maybe 75 at night. this week, rain and cold and damp. (i guess the damp kind of goes with rain, doesn't it?) i contemplating wearing a turtleneck the other day. May. it's May, people. what is up with this mess? can't we just gradually up the temperature in a reasonable and progressively nicer way? oh, no, wait. that would take all the challenge out of living here.

i would really like to switch my closet over. i want to pack away the wool blazers and break out the fun summer dresses. enough, already.

so the percussion guy from last night's Phillip Glass concert is Yousif Sheronick. and he's not a percussionist, he's a 'global music specialist'. 8) seriously, check out his site. it's gorgeous. the tambourine thing is an Egyptian instrument. and there's lots of yummy information over there.

pretty much, that's my day. had a nice dinner at the Brewery with frenchy - good food, good beer, good eye candy, and we played a few games of cribbage to boot. strolled home, stopped in to see the boys at eat, and came home. kinda dull, no? well, that's all fine. i'll take dull. off tomorrow with my best friend for shopping and movies - yet another low key day. all good, in my book. maybe i'll finally get to catch up on my sleep, too. wouldn't it be nice if you could bank those extra hours to balance out the long nights? say, grab an extra hour or two on the weekend, and somehow get to pull it out of the account the night you stay just a bit too late at the show. then you wouldn't have to feel tired the next morning. anyone know why it doesn't work that way?

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