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birthday countdown: 1 day!

*humming to self* it's my birthday, buh-buh-buh-birthday... i've been channelling Cartman all week. you ever see the ep where he throws himself a party and assigns each kid a present to bring? that's what he's singing the whole time. god help me, i'm channelling a fat cartoon kid. :)

got a few Eddie posties from ChicaBeanie last night. how lovely... Eddie's charming mug in my mailbox. one was a proper birthday card. the other one she sent because the picture (Eddie with a small backpack and a big ass) made her laugh. and her card, which she gave me permission to quote, made me laugh too.

hee,hee.... (snort)... hee,hee... ha,ha (snort)... HEE,HEE,HEE... honk,honk... (deep breath) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... (stop breathing, face turning blue)... oh, oh oh.... WOOF!!.... hee,hee... hee funny, funny stuff. it's enough to give one stupid giggles for days. Love and kisses Queen Elizabeth and ChicaBeanie

i can hear her laugh echoing thru my head. :)

today has been lovely. CB had called the other day to tell me i had an appointment at the spa at 12:30 - her birthday present to me. i set the alarm to make sure, but woke up in plenty of time. and no bad dreams this time. :) did my Medea imitation again this morning; my hair is a stunningly bright shade of red. came out pretty well, if i do say so myself. as i was getting ready, CB called to let me know they could fit in a brow wax, as well, if i could get down there a little earlier. no problemo.

headed out, got downtown, grabbed an iced hazelnut coffee at the Cafe de Paris (not a typo). what a trip that place is! if they were just fucking French (to quote Eddie), it would be one thing. but it's more like a Middle Eastern bazaar. lots of sound and activity, not a lot of clear direction. i lucked out and locked eye contact with someone who felt like he wanted to sell me a coffee. the woman behind me was not so lucky.

headed up to the spa in their sorry shoebox excuse for an elevator, and got there in plenty of time. let me say this: maintaining a bikini wax is much easier than starting from scratch, so to speak. she was done with me zip zip, and did a lovely job shaping my brows as well. she was very funny about taking a tip - since it was a gift from CB, she thought it would be bad form. we finally agreed that she'd take the tip, and if CB said it was bad, she'd give it back. CB, of course, said no such thing. ;) and with the ouchy part out of the way, i got ready to have my tootsies pampered.

CB and i picked out a lovely red-orangey shade with gold glitter in it. the woman doing the pedicure was a total doll. i sank back into the most high tech pedicure chair i've ever seen (two controls - one for angling the chair, the other for massage - no joke!), closed my eyes, and soaked up the sun from the skylight. i had no idea you could use that many lotions and salves on your feet. it took her over an hour to do my pedicure. now i have happy, smooth, soft feet, with pretty red-orange toes. yay! *wiggles toes*

she and i nearly keeled over in a fit of laughter at one point; this trip of a woman, who apparently used to work there, came in and was on the other side of a half wall from us. she spent a good 20 minutes catigating her moron of a husband, who doesn't seem to do anything right. hellooooo? if my husband bought me stuff from Tiffany's and a mink coat to boot (well, not fur for me, but you get the idea), and i happened to find his secret list of gifts because i was prying in his papers, i don't think i'd spend all my time calling him a moron. as soon as she walked out, the pedicurist and i looked and each other and burst out giggling. man, oh man. what a piece of work she was.

the rest of the day, i've just puttered around the house. this in itself is a present. i've screwed up my schedule so much this week that i blew the two nights i could have done chores. so now i have a semi-clean house, lots of laundry done, a mostly empty sink, and fresh sheets right out of the dryer on my bed. this is Nice.

i also bumped into my landlord, who said that he's working on getting rid of the dead cars out back. i'm really glad he figured that out on his own, because i didn't want to have to argue with him about it. this means there will be a ton more space for the rest of our cars, including mine. :) i told him about my car, because i didn't want him to freak out about it. it's going to be sitting there without plates for a few days. my agent is going to fax me the forms, i'll give them to her at work Wednesday, she'll go to the DMV for me on Thursday and get my new plates, and she'll give them to me at work on Saturday. how cool is that? P is such a sweetheart. i have to think of something nice to do for her in return (besides, of course, giving her all my money).

the other present i gave myself was the time to catch up on all my back entries. so now, for the first time in a few weeks, i'm up to date. it's realllllly, really nice to have gotten all those words off paper and up in the journal. one less thing to be hanging over my head tomorrow. the more things i can get off my plate, the more i can relax and really enjoy the day. (note to self: try not to use the word really so much. it gets really annoying.)

oh! phone rang this afternoon - guess who? nope. nope, not him either. my optometrist, of all people. he had tried to date me last year, and *remembered my birthday*. eep! talked for a while. he's still married. (right. i would say that's 'involved with someone', as you put it.) how is it that i'm flypaper for married boys? or is it just flypaper for freaks in general? *shakes head* takes all types...

sis is coming up tomorrow morning, and we're going to see the Sox play Baltimore. whoo hoo! i'm hoping we can get down there in time for batting practice, so i can buy a baseball and have Nomar sign it for me. how cool would that be? 'happy birthday, from Nomar'. hee hee. hey, even if it doesn't happen, i get to see the game. Hideo is going to be pitching, which should be amazing. It Will Not Rain. And They Will Win. that's just the way it's going to be, see, 'cause it's my birthday. :)

it would be very cool to chat with Nomar, as well, because my brother's company made the bat that he got as the batting award a few years ago. small world, and i'd love to mention it to him. i'm allowed my fantasies.

caught part of the game today, and watched my boys win. i was talking to someone at Eddie the Greek's the other night, and he had tickets for today. we decided they'd win both games, since we both had tickets. it's a theory. had a funny conversation with my mom today. she had left me a message the other day, and i still have this idea that she doesn't know how to swear. that got blown out of the water when she said she was so mad that 'that bastard Duquette fired Jimy!' gah! i nearly dropped the phone. she said she was still pissed off. she also said that Daubach is still in the hospital. how did i miss that? poor guy... and i so wanted to see him play. hope he's better soon.

anyhoo, it'll be nice to catch up with sis. if the game doesn't go too long, we should have an hour or two to hang out and chat. and then it's off to Newport...

i, of course, am worried that my sad phone call the other night will make him not want to see me. or that perhaps he said 'don't bother coming down' and i didn't hear it thru all the weeping. because that's what i do. i worry. genetic, i guess. but i look at it this way: i'm overreacting. things will be fine. we have a plan for a nice night, and it will be good.

now all that's left is to figure out clothes, empty out my backpack, and throw my stuff together. should only take a few minutes, so i think i'll leave it for tomorrow morning. set the alarm, then get up, shower, pack, have some tea, putter, feed and water the cats, and head out for a fantabulous day. because that's what it's gonna be. :)

off to finish reading The Horse and His Boy, and sleep soundly in my fresh, clean, lavendar scented sheets.

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