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listening to: Talking Timbuktu by Ali Farka Toure. wonderful, soothing blues with hypnotic vocals. the man can sing in 11 different languages.

and i could use some soothing right about now. there's always that flurry of details that have to be taken care of *right now* before you can go on vacation. ever notice that? and i'm only going for a long weekend; there's really very little that can't wait a few days. but today, everything has had a certain urgency about it, which makes even the smallest problem that much more irritating. odd little things, no reason for them to be broken. i've gotten most of them squared away, but i still want to clean off my desk. most days, i don't care. but it's nicer to come back to a clean desk after time off. lets me keep that calm state of mind for just a little bit longer. and i leave in an hour to go to the gym, sweat my ass off, then get some kitty food and litter and head home to do laundry. or maybe i'll just watch some bad TV. 8)

so, off for a few days to unwind and recenter. lots of sleeping (we actually took a nap before going out for a very nice dinner last night). no TV, no phone, no computer, no pager, no handheld (but hopefully some hand holding). just books, jammies, sleeping late, eating out, and wild sex. did i say that? well, yeah. i wouldn't mind some affection of the physical sort. that would be okay.

if you want to know when i come back and update, try out the new notify feature (she said, pointing up at the right corner). if this works the way i think it does, it should be pretty nifty for you. sign up for a spy, and you'll get a note or a report when i post new stuff. you can watch any number of pages with this gadget, which i think is nice. anyway, play around with it. let me know what you think. see you in a few days.

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