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i've been thinking about the anniversary of 9/11 a lot. a lot. and i'm sure you all have as well.

in place of a regular entry, i want to give you this, the text of an email that i sent to many of my friends tonight.

apologies for sending this as a mass mailing, but i can only write this once.

i've been thinking a lot this week about what the anniversary of 9/11 means to each of us. and every one of you means a great deal to me, in ways that are hard to express. both of these ideas have been colliding in my head lately.

it's hard to know how to honor this anniversary. we have all been touched in some way by the event. how sad is it that we don't have words to express the magnitude of 'the event', or even find a proper name for it?

i'm sure we'll all find a way to honor the memory of people who died, or worked to save lives, or are struggling to move forward.

mostly, i've spent a lot of time thinking about the people who matter in my life, and how hard it is to tell people that they make a difference. more than anything, the thing that i've internalized about 9/11 is that we need to take the time to tell the people in our lives that they do make a difference.

so. if i could give each of you a big hug in person, i would. (feel free to call me on that the next time i see you.) if i could be there to take you out for coffee, or listen, or help you carry a box, or just be there - know that i would.

in lieu of that - i'll be thinking of each of you tomorrow, as i find my own way to honor and remember. and i'll be sending as many positive thoughts in your direction as i can.

thank you, each and every one of you, for being part of my life.

please know - if you read here, if i had your email - i would have sent this to you as well. we're all fortunate to have people in our lives that we care about, who care about us.

*sniffle* sorry. don't mean to get all New Age-y. just... just. give someone a hug today, okay?

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