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feeling kinda how a girl feels

eh. this is more of a brain spew than a proper entry (you've been warned).

thanks to trey and pamie for letting me add links to their journals. i've been reading their stuff for a while, and they're part of the reason this journal is here. now you know.

thinking more about the mom comment from yesterday: i know she was trying to say something about what she perceives as my strength. but it just feels like bull headed perversity in the face of challenge. i guess cindy is right; that's really just two ways of saying the same thing.

mom and dad are just about recovered from the party - good luck on getting the rental plants dug up, dad! yes, that's a joke. dad actually caught me out on that one after i told him how nice the landscaping looked.

it always helps to take the cork *out* of the bottle before trying to pour a glass of port.

to msb: you have the mad science, m'man! calling me on marketing mode, and you hadn't even read yesterday's entry. it's both reassuring and a bit scary all at once to have friends that know you just that well.

tinkered with the site a bit more today; got confirmation that yes, really, colors all look different on my monitor than anyone elses. mea culpa for the cyan. hope the green is a bit more soothing on the eyes, and the links a bit more readable.

looking forward to tomorrow night... cocktails, lovin', and snuggles.

entertainment for the week was trying to call a tech support guy at a software company that required you to register, but then wouldn't let you thru their web site, only to be quite cheerfully told by the guy on the other end "we don't have tech support as such", and "not a clue as to who could help you!". when i stopped laughing my ass off, i told him he'd just lost a customer and hung up. y'think that was a CLM for him?

across the top of my monitor here at work, left to right: a small white stone from a trip i took recently, an origami crane given to me by a very shy but kind waitress at a sushi bar, a small silver buddha sitting in lotus, a plastic pokey doll that my bro gave me years ago, a silver mandala with blue glass beads, a tiny porcelain nun in a pink habit carrying a black brolly, and a teak frog from thailand that croaks when you run a wooden handle up the spikes on his back. i think we all create altars in our spaces, consciously or otherwise.

damn. i had a bunch of other things to write about, but my brain is seeping out my ears right about now.

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