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i'm a computer nomad on the weekends, which means that not only do i rely on the kindness of friends to make updates here, i also have to motivate my lazy ass out of the house. it was kind of a draining weekend (more on that later), so no motivation. also, it's gotten cold outside. yeah, yeah… i'll be upgrading the home outpost RSN (real soon now). actually, with my soon-to-arrive ill-gotten gains, otherwise known as a raise, i should be able to indulge in an ISP and upgrades for my trusty Mac. then you'll all have to put up with me seven days a week. whee!

one thing i did motivate to do this weekend was put the insulated liner back in my field coat. i'd been putting that off for a while, trying to tell myself that the summer we didn't have wasn't really over, that i hadn't finally gotten the last of my summer clothes out to no avail, that i really didn't have to turn on the heat. boy, am i glad i wimped out! it must have gotten down to 40° last night, and it doesn't feel much warmer today. i'm not looking forward to this winter's heating bills one bit. fortunately, the apartment has forced hot air instead of radiators, so when the heat comes on, you can actually feel it, and not just in the one corner where the heating vent is. and the aparment is pretty well insulated. but, wouldn't you know it, my bedroom is the coldest room, since it's in the back with not much sun, it's over the basement, and there's no second floor room over it, trapping in the heat. i may actually invest in one of those lovely heated mattress pads. mmmmm…

off to find a cup of hot tea - more updates in a bit.

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