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feeling kinda how a girl feels

oh my god - i'm so excited! you know when wonderful things happen out of the blue, that kind of giddy happiness you get? i just got an email from my sweetie, with the title 'A special gift for you on eBay!', and it seemed too good to be true. so i gave him a call, and it's true!

y'all, he bought me a computer. He Bought Me A Computer. HE BOUGHT ME A COMPUTER! look look look!

lookie, lookie - my new toy!

this boy rocks. he's amazing and wonderful and generous, and i count my blessings every day that he's a part of my life.

*and* he bought me a computer.

hee hee hee. (big dopey grin, skipping down the halls)

i've been trying to figure out how and when i can afford to upgrade my computer at home, which is a very reliable Performa that i took when i moved out before the divorce, so it's stood me well for nearly three years. but i can't upgrade it to where i want to be. the sage iMac has been calling my name, and i've been doing the math and looking at financing plans; since i blew all my money on a trip to London in August, there isn't much left for a downpayment, let alone buying it outright. that's started to look less and less feasible, as i think about all the other things i need to do, like get a new slipcover for the sofa and a CD rack, not to mention saving for my next vacation, a new car, and oh yeah, a house. sweetie and i were talking last night, and i mentioned that instead of getting the cool new toy, i might just try to upgrade for now. since he knows more about computers than me, i got a nice little education about what i would need to do (software/hardware/firmware) to get where i want, which is to be able to spin my web pages at home. unfortunately, the bad lesson was that the Performa just wouldn't perform. he promised to keep an eye out for me, after asking what my newer, more realistic budget was.

lo and behold, a gift announcement arrived in my email this afternoon. wheeeeeeee! sweetie - i take back all the grief i've been giving you about your eBay addiction.

did i mention that this boy is fabulous? 8) oh, yes, he is.


so here's the rest of the entry that i had written before all the excitement.

question: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

answer: the chicken. i ate the entire snack pack of louis budding roast chicken on the way home last night because i was starving, and saved the hard boiled eggs for later.

it just took forever to run two little errands after work last night. i had planned on scanning up some photos when i got back, as a friend was kind enough to agree to let me use his scanner. i figured this gave me plenty of time to go pick up a prescription and a few groceries.

silly me. there was a medium but slow line at the pharmacy, and a short but painfully slow line at the express register. you ever notice how the line gets slower in inverse proportion to the speed with which you need to get thru it? if i had all the time in the world, it would have taken about 3 minutes to get thru the checkout. but i was trying to catch a bus. so one woman wanted cigarettes, which is a huge field trip to the other end of the store for the cashier, and then she didn't have a courtesy card, so there was finagling about how she was going to pay. then the receipt paper ran out and the store manager had to come fix it and print out another receipt for the next person. the woman in front of me tried to cadge my courtesy card so she could get a discount on her 4 items, then complained about the delays for a while, then left without buying anything. of course, i missed the bus. so by the time i got home, it was a bit too late to go play with the scanner.

oh well. i made up for it by playing far too much solitaire and watching lots of network TV (the first is a common occurence, the second one not so much).

been listening to my new CD, White Ladder, pretty much all week. this song is the one that got me today...

Silver Lining

take this silver lining
keep it in your own sweet head
and shine it when the night is burning red
shine it in the twilight
shine it on the cold cold ground
shine it til these walls come tumbling down

we were born with our eyes wide open
so alive, with wild hope now
can you tell me why
time after time they drag you down
down in the darkness deep
fools in their madness all around
know that the light don't sleep

step into the silence
take it in your own two hands
and scatter it like diamonds
all across these lands
yeah, yeahyeahyeah
blaze it in the morning
wear it like an iron skin
only things worth living for
are innocence and magic - amen

we were born with our eyes wide open
so alive, with wild hope now
can you tell me why
time after time they drag you down
down in the darkness deep
fools in their madness all around
know that the light don't sleep
know that the light don't sleep

--David Gray

i love this album. go check it out, y'all.

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