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why did naps go out with nursery school?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

yawn!  mmmm... it possible to get too much sleep? i feel like i shouldn't be tired, having slept most of yesterday, and all of last night, and part of this morning. but somehow, all that seems to have just made me more tired. how can that be? if you can work up a little extra energy to get thru the sleep-deprived days, shouldn't you be able to store up the extra sleep to get you thru the tough days? it would be more fair, yes? apparently, the answer is no.

and how can you sleep 'wrong'? i woke up with a stiff neck and a puffy face the other day, and thought 'oh, i must have slept wrong.' let's examine that sentence, shall we? 'i must have slept wrong.' sleeping isn't rocket science, people. unless you sleepwalk or snore loud enough to wake yourself up, or regularly fall out of bed, how can you sleep wrong? and yet, this is the explanation we give for all kinds of things. wake up creaky and stiff? must have slept wrong. wake up with a headache? must have slept wrong. wake up hog-tied in the sheets with the pillows across the room and a cat sleeping on your head? must have slept wrong.

ooooo... i was a bad girl at lunchtime. walked over to dunkin' donuts to grab an egg and cheese sandwich. no, no - that's not the bad part. the guy behind the counter was either new or not to up to snuff on his game, as i had to explain my sandwich to him three times. so i got a sandwich, a donut and a Fresh Samantha, which he rang up as a donut, an orange juice and a bagel with spread. grand total: $2 and change. the sandwich alone should have been $2.59. did i say anything? not a peep. just got my change and walked out of there. really not very nice, i guess. but since i'm penny pinching until the next paycheck, and they regularly wring $4 out of me for a coffee drink that costs them 75, max, to make, i didn't really feel too badly.

the latest chapter in the court saga - my friend and sister morton salt girl are in court tomorrow, having had to file a motion against the troglodyke, who ignored the restraining order even tho the cops were there. now, why didn't the cops enforce the restraining order, you might ask? good question. don't have the answer. i have my suspicions that there's a measurable anti-gay bias in the forces, but i could be wrong. anyway, they're off to court on friday the 13th, no less. wish them luck.

in a happier chapter, the latest on my band slut story is this: heard two bands i really like and am working with them to hook them up with a friend of mine who might want to book them into his restaurant. one will probably work, one might not. but it's kinda fun talking with booking agents and discussing the venue and the ambience, and i'm meeting up with one this weekend to pick up the promotional package, including CD. sounds professional, doesn't it? and a friend of mine connected me with the guy who organizes ushers for a local rock venue, and i'm on the list! so i can pretty much pick and choose from the shows, work them, and hear music for free. that one was a no brainer - having worked as usher/house manager a couple of places, it's no big deal. and free music! so much better than forking out $30 or more per ticket.

and my sweetie is going out to see ray charles tonight. seems his boss wanted to do something as a thank you for all the work that went into moving the office, so he picked up tickets for the show. joking, i asked sweetie to say hi to ray for me. he promised to wave.

gonna crash early tonight to see if i can continue to stave off this migraine.

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