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it's friday, and i indulged in a big-ass dunkin' donuts coolata on my way to work (so much for the half hour on the treadmill, eh?). this means i'm just a *wee* bit hyper this afternoon. could be worse... my allergies could be kicking my ass, too. for some reason (fingers crossed) the pollen count seems to be down today. pray that it stays that way for the weekend, please!

you may have noticed that the site changes a little bit every day... new colors, new schtuff linked in, new formats... if you'd take a minute to let me know what works and what doesn't (sign on in to the guestbook), i'd really appreciate it. this journal is both an adventure in writing and a way to (re)learn HTML, and hearing that something is butt ugly in your particular browswer, or you really like the blinking chipmunk as a logo would be really helpful. hey, i'm only here to humbly serve my audience...

laughed very hard yesterday reading ezra dyer's column in the latest improper bostonian. would that they were online, so's i could point you to the article on how to be cool. if you're in town, read it. if not, you'll have to live with this little snippet:

But wait, my car is so unfashionably quiet. Thankfully I have seen the way of the cool kids, and so I shall immediately outfit my ride with eight (8) mufflers, of a diameter such that they will actually amplify the sound of my exhaust. My car will sound like a water buffalo getting molested by a hippopotamus, and I will be so cool.

made me laugh....

actually made it to the gym this morning, for the first time in a while. the threat of death and dismemberment was a pretty effective motivator to get me out of bed in time. 8) felt very creaky, but good too. forgot how enticing the whirlpool is as my little reward after working out.

a belated approximate anniversary to bob and sharon! thanks for sharing with us - last night was great fun. many more years of happiness and passion to you both.

y'know, i'm thinking i need to start carrying a notebook around again (no, no - the paper kind) to jot down all the scrips and scraps of things that might be fun to write about here. suggestions, anyone?

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