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monday, monday...


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i'm wearing my new black clogs today, and they're mega-comfortable. or, as cartman would say, 'hella-comfortable'. they're open in back, which makes them *perfect* for walking around puddles. why is it i always wear clogs on rainy days? and i didn't know it was going to rain, so no umbrella either. feh.

in case you didn't notice the spiffy new button on the left, i've joined up with and gotten the outpost listed in their directory. click on over there sometime and check it out; many fine collections of writing for the perusing there.

someone asked me a while ago if i'd shown this journal to my therapist. when i finished laughing, i said no, there wasn't anything here that i'd want her to read. i mean, if she surfed in here and wanted to read it, fine. and i did mention it to her, and she grimaced, being computer-phobic. i tried to explain that surfing the 'net is far less complicated than the ridiculously arcane medical software she uses every day, but she'd have none of it. anyway, the writing i put out here is different than the writing i do for myself (some writing never gets shown to anyone), and different from the conversations with friends/family/co-workers/therapist, and different than the writing i do for publication. this is a form of therapy, i suppose, by giving a life and an audience to thoughts and words. and it is personal, but not in the same sort of confessional way that other writing or conversations are. the question did get me to thinking about audience. it's been interesting to see how many people stop by here, and who drops me a line or scribbles in the guest book, and even more interesting is hearing from my friends who don't want to read this. their reasons are as varied as they are, and each one has taught me a little more about my friends.


i love cooking, but i don't really like cooking for one. it's too much effort most of the time. when i have company tho, it's a pleasure to be able to pull together a good meal and share it with friends. and i've recently found a neat cooking site that presents complete menus. there are a couple that i've printed off to try out on my sweetie - thankfully, he doesn't object to being a guinea pig. 8)

i think i'm gonna go shopping before heading home. i really don't like shopping all that much; i prefer to go, get what i need, and get out. strolling thru the mall all day just isn't that much fun. but i realized when sorting thru my closet the other day that i have about 37 pairs of black pants, and two pairs of jeans. not really enough variety. and of course, with my aging, spreading ass, they don't all fit anymore. so it's off to Old Navy to pick up a few pairs of pants. most of my wardrobe comes from the Gap and Express, with a few pieces from Filene's thrown in for good measure. i was very excited to discover Old Navy, as they have pretty decent prices and still have that Gap kinda look (makes sense, as they're essentially the same company). hopefully, i can get in and out of there without succumbing to the urge to strangle some mall rat teenager.

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