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friday can't get here soon enough


feeling kinda how a girl feels

the past week has been a little disorienting, so it's really nice to have a long weekend coming up. not much to do other than laundry and check out the party at pablo's. now, lest that sound like an easy weekend, may i point out that it was necessary to excavate a path to my bed last night, as the laundry appears to multiply and go forth when left alone. the cats are happy with this, of course, as it gives them more places to nap.

bought a few more CDs yesterday in the continuing quest to replace my tapes. did pretty well - replaced a few tapes and only got a few new albums. current listening:

- soundtrack to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

- The Confession of St. Ace, the newest from JWH

- the past didn't go anywhere, spoken word and music from Utah Phillips.

my cubemates are probably deliriously happy that i have headphones, as the music in general may be a bit too eclectic for them. as it is, they still have to listen to me hum off key. ;)

hey, if you have any pull with the pollen dust fairies - make the damn shit go away! allergies seem to have made their presence known in a big way for everyone this week, and it's no fun.

to my incredibly cool friends - you know why this note is here. you have proven who you are in stunning colors recently. i always knew you were cool; this just proves it's a good thing to love you all this much. thanks for the support, loving, shelter, friendship, and love.

smooches and props all around - mwah!

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