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feeling kinda how a girl feels

hmph.well, there you go. i think the graphics thing is worked out, at least for now. if any of you are still having issues with the pix appearing, please drop a note, direct or in the guest book. if you just don't like the pictures, then hmph.

it's days like yesterday that make me think that the padding they've left up in our elevator at work to protect it while moving things is less of an accident and more of a sign. makes it less painful when you beat your head against the wall. the whole graphics exercise was quite annoying, and when taken together with the Annual Exercise in Self-Flagellation, otherwise known as shipping &%#@ BookManager files, i really felt like breaking something by the end of the day. TD, you're so right - a big collection of ugly coffee mugs would be quite useful.

but today has been better. and hey, if you haven't paid tribute to one nation, under funk yet, get it while it's in full flaming color!

fall is definitely here now; leaves turning and cooler days, cold nights, at least by my standards. the girls stand at attention when i step outside, so it must be cold. and the cats have been curling up with me at night, so it must be cooler even by long-haired cat standards. strat (also know as white cat, stratocaster, minou minou, Pain in the Ass, Quit licking that plastic bag, and Knock it the hell off!) decided to curl up *right next* to my chest last night. as i sleep on my side, this means he pretty much pinned me in place, since i would have had to squish him otherwise. you wondered, perhaps, why he has so many nicknames?

it's been hard getting to bed, harder still getting up. the nasty dreams living in my head recently slow me down from hopping into my nice comfy bed, snuggling into the flannel sheets, and conking out. and this is a bummer, because i love my bed. really. i do. but my brain seems to think that falling asleep on the couch, drooling on the pillow, and waking up to G.E. Smith's scary visage at 2 in the morning will induce sounder sleep than, say, a glass of warm milk and a cushy bed. go figure.

eventually, when my bleary eyes have focused enough that i can find the remote and flip off the idiot box, i drag myself into bed. sleeping with the light on has been helping. and i had a very lovely dream about eddie the other night, where i got to meet him and chat him up, in a working-with-you-on-your-show kind of way, not the icky i'm-a-fawning-fan-without-two-brain-cells kind of way. we ended up chatting, and he signed some sort of programme for me, in a very Jared way, with odd little notes on nearly every page, and a sweet note on the last page where he said he was very glad that my favorite colors (some kind of brick and some kind of green) would look nice in the (our?) living room. and then i tried to decipher if he'd signed 'love, eddie' or 'like you, eddie' or 'sincerely, eddie', which was very difficult, as he kept scratching out things, as if he couldn't decide what would be best to write. mm hm. i know. odd.

of course, once i get to bed, there's no getting me up. i was supposed to go to the gym in the mornings the first part of this week. monday fell thru... why... hm. don't remember. tuesday, we both had migraines, my gym buddy and me, so we just called each other, grunted, and went back to sleep. yesterday, working on the 'third time's the charm' theory, we actually made it. bitched, moaned, complained loudly, trash talked our way thru a treadmill session to the annoyance of a few tender souls, and i nearly fell over stretching on the spider afterwards (if you haven't seen the spider, i can't explain it other than to say it's another bastard's idea of exercise equipment, one that he clearly never had to use) -- but we made it. i'm a little suprised at how crunchy my shoulders feel today. gotta hit the free weights more to (re)build those muscles.

hey ken - here's the next stop on the express bus to hell! yes, you too can jesusize any ol' web page you want. right up there with the Zippy metafilter.

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