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feeling kinda how a girl feels

it's been a good weekend so far, and there's still part of the day left.

the stoneham boys finally had the housewarming party to end all housewarmings. the house was quite hot by the end of the night - well warmed, one might say.

made a big dessert on the sadly mistaken theory that people would bring entrees rather than sweets. two layer orange cake, with chocolate fudge in the middle, buttercream frosting on the outside, and a rainbow of deady bears masquerading as decorations. it was great fun decorating the cake, as earl discovered that standing on the other side of the kitchen and pitching the bears at the cake was just as effective as strategically placing them on the cake. my apologies to the lemon bear who ended up doing a face plant.

the setup for the party was perfect; the downstairs tenants had just moved out, so the entire house was dedicated to the festivities. jam sessions in the basement, booze/food on the first floor (thanks to all who pitched in to the pot luck! and the apple crisp was yummy, george.), beer on the deck, tables and chairs all around outside, and video games upstairs. pretty much any kind of party group you wanted to find, you could. and they had speakers set up outside the deck railing, so cool jazz and funky tunes were the order of the night. and the weather held out! no rain (knock on wood).

and the entertainment was quite varied. let's see: 'ambassador to somerville's finest' liz, 'monkey shenanigans' rob, 'mr. 36D' patrick, 'helmut lang - gimme hot! gimme sexy!' rob, 'i'm not drunk, really!' e (yeah, which is why beer and whipped cream seemed like the perfect combo ), 'we got the tight science' jen and heather, 'i got the backbeat' lenny... and a good time was had by all.

took a nap mid-way to fend off the migraine, then came back down and played video games for most of the rest of the night. unfortunately, i've gotten a little too good at soul caliber, so it was hard to find challengers, but i can't skateboard to save my life, so that evened the playing field. i'm real good at skateboarding right into the poles, tho. 8)

thanks for a really great party, guys. you rock.

mopped up this morning and brought back donuts for the guys. i'm guessing this has nothing to do with why i get invited back. ;) the rest of the day is about napping and watching trashy movies. long weekends are a thing of beauty.

sis's wedding reception is next weekend - please keep your fingers crossed and send good weather thoughts this way for deb and tom.

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