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feeling kinda how a girl feels

ever have one of those days that just kicks you in the teeth for no apparent reason?

didn't sleep well last night, and have been processing some pretty heavy emotional crap. of course, the one is related to the other. woke up every half hour or so, and when i did sleep, the dreams were nasty, y'all. the cats must have sensed that life was less than good, because they both came and slept in guardian positions (one by my head, one by my feet), which they haven't done in a while.

the last week has been pretty intense, and it's making itself felt in a few ways i hadn't anticipated. and when your defenses are down anyway, it's hard to rally yourself for the next round.

guess that all sounds rather cryptic, doesn't it? well, it's just gonna have to stay that way for a while. i've been doing a lot of writing to talk about what's going on, but it's not really public fodder yet.

on a different note, went and checked out a house with ChicaBeanie today. we're going to try to make an appointment to tour the house properly this weekend, now that we've decided the neighborhood and house look good. as if i haven't leapt off enough emotional cliffs recently, i'm actually thinking of buying a house! with my best friend, no less. yeah, more chaos is good. *g*

hey, i forgot to tell you the chicken story from the party. lexi bug set up the dreaded chicken limbo game - the one that drove her parents crazy for a while, because the game was in some kind of storage, but the chicken still sang for, like, 3 months - take the batteries out already! if you haven't seen this, it's a plastic limbo bar, and the bar is (i kid you not) a talking, singing chicken with it's feet propped up on the two poles. ... i'll wait. just ponder that image for a minute. ... and if you don't clear the limbo bar, you smack the chicken on it's tail, and it squawks at you. i swear to god, i thought the chicken was screaming 'jackass!' at the top of it's ungodly little chicken voice. is this any kind of behavior for a chicken? i think not.

...but that's really what it sounded like. 8)

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