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politicians, and the gates of hell


feeling kinda how a girl feels

am i the only one who thinks the VP candidates are the ones who should be running for higher office?

unusual for me - i've been watching the debates, which is an abnormal level of political involvement for me. i usually stay far away from that dreck. and i'm registered as unenrolled, because i can't really get behind either of the major parties. if i had my druthers, i'd vote for a third party candidate, in part because they more closely represent my opinions, partly to help break up the stranglehold the two major parties have, and partly to be contrarian (surprise). however, from a practical point of view, the presidential race is close enough that voting for a third party candidate, who, realistically, can only make a good showing, not win, will help either Shrub or TIOTI (the inventor of the internet) win the office. that being said, it seems better to pay attention to those two and choose the lesser of two evils. yes, i DO think my vote makes a difference, thank you very much, especially when so many people are too apathetic to vote or even register. besides which - if you don't vote, you don't get complaining rights about the result.

so i watched the second presidential debate this week, even though i didn't feel well. as expected, the sight made my stomach even jumpier. watch while we stop on a dime and refashion our public selves in response to the poll results! wonder as we contradict ourselves, reversing positions on vital issues! wait to see who will take the first cheap personal shot! egh. and what is up with bush sniffling his way thru this debate, too? dare i suggest his handlers are trying to keep him awake long enough to complete the debate by having him snort a line or two before going on?

the vice presidential debate, on the other hand, was quite interesting. i already liked leiberman going in, and knew little to nothing about cheney; i certainly hadn't heard him speak before. overall, it was a reversal to a degree of the presidential debate: cheney walked in as a known quantity, while leiberman had to do more to prove himself. i found myself liking both candidates, for no other reason than their more honest, articulate answers. they were personable, and far less combative than their running mates. the VP debate is what i wish the prezzie debates could be. hey, i can wish, can't i?

fortunately, this whole sideshow will be over in a few weeks. it's been an incredibly boring, drawn out, uneventful campaign, after the first few rounds of primaries. it'll be nice to have it over with.


it's almost halloween, folks - what's your costume going to be? i'm starting to get in the mood for halloween, in part because of this one house i walk by on the way to work. it's not a spectacular house, and i don't know the family that lives there other than to say 'hi' when i walk by, but i like them and their house. they've put a lot of work into it, and he's doing most of the work himself. it cracked me up when he TyVek'ed the doghouse as well as the house. every year, they decorate the front of the house and the little postage stamp lawn (maybe 6 feet square?). there's a frankenstein perched over the front door, and a dead body hanging out the second floor window. the bushes are covered in cobwebs, and in the middle of the lawn is a little grave mound with a gravestone. all sorts of spooky goblin things (in black silhouette) are poking out of the ground. and right on the edge of the lawn is a victorian-style spiky fence with a gate in the middle, with 'Welcome to the Gates of Hell!' written in drippy red blood. i love that they get so excited about halloween, and go all out with the decorations!


i've actually got a pretty full social calendar this weekend (yipee!), which includes a board meeting (ugh), a fancy dinner to celebrate my raise/promo (yum!), some beer, burgers and pool (yeah!), and maybe some jazz on sunday (cool, man). so i may not get a chance to update until monday. hey, have a great weekend, y'all! hope it's warm and sunny, like here - get out and enjoy it.

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