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the post-wedding festivities


feeling kinda how a girl feels

got back from the wedding reception midafternoon, and just got up from my nap...what a lovely thing naps are. 8) have debi's mix tape playing in the background as i write, with beth orton singing about good friends.

drove down to the cape after work on friday with brian and cindy, and got where we needed to pretty much by dead reckoning. brian somehow heard me say that i knew exactly where we were going... which was more or less true. so we navigated sans maps. thankfully, it was more true rather than less true. grabbed a much needed dinner with the buck clan; will and seth are very funny cousins. mom was concerned that i was staying on my own at a different hotel than everyone else (this is what piss poor planning does for you), but as i pointed out to her, i do live alone, and don't make a very good roommate. worked out well tho, as i was pretty much between every point A and B we had to get to. had planned on going for a swim or hanging out in the sauna before the reception, but never motivated my lazy ass. spent the time just watching TV and munching on junk food all morning. nice little indulgence. of course, this led to an ohshit moment, when i realized we were headed to the party in a half hour and i was still being a slug. eep!

the reception was fantabulous; seems like everyone had a good time, especially the bride and groom. sis decided that what she and tom really wanted was just a relaxed barbeque kind of thing, and mom and dad hosted it in their back yard down on the cape. my parents had been doing a lot of work on the landscaping around the house, and it really looked great. we had a big tent set up in the back yard, complete with little sparkly white lights around the inside top edge. and the porta potties... let me tell you, the technology in porta potties has advanced by leaps and bounds! they had solar lights, mirrors, a cute basket of pretty soaps and a little bud vase on the wall (ok, that's not technology, but it's a nice touch). you didn't actually mind using them! jeff and teri did the catering, and as per usual, the food was great. coolest present i saw was from the kenwood gang, who painted up a set of dishes, and signed every one with something different. that was just the neatest, thoughtful thing.

the party was an interesting experience for me. i did have a good time, but was also in marketing mode pretty much the whole time. if you haven't met me dad, that last sentence doesn't mean a whole lot. (sidebar: that was supposed to say my dad, but i think the typo is funnier.) he's been in marketing for a long time, and it's an education to see him work a party or a function. the man is good. and somewhere along the line, all those lessons by osmosis clicked on for me. between MM, family dynamics, and old catering habits kicking in, i think i saw the party from a very different perspective than i would have a year ago, say. and sam - i'm so sorry i didn't recognize you when you got out of the car! sam lived across the street from us in our old house, and i haven't seen him in, oh, say, a year or two. couldn't for the life of me figure out who the ben stiller look alike was unfolding himself out of the car... geez. thank god he came over to say hi before i made an ass out of myself.

i also had a moment with mom that didn't really catch up with me until later. she's been processing a lot of stuff, and we were all concerned that she would be able to enjoy herself at the party. she did really well. i'm very proud of you, mom. right before we left, she said that one thing that made it possible for her to do so well was the inspiration she took from having watched me get thru some tough stuff in the last year. that comment caught me off guard, and i had to clamp down so i wouldn't get all weepy. it didn't come back to me until the end of the nite, when i crashed at the hotel. tried calling a few friends for support in what i'm sure sounded like another case of drunken dialies, but i either called too late (sorry!) or they were out having their own fab weekends. anyway, i think what made it difficult wasn't the inspiration part, but being cast as a peer or leader by one's parents. another small step in the ongoing process of becoming an adult, i guess. have you had moments like that? are they disconcerting for you?

oh... in a similar vein, had a really funny moment - we were standing at the end of the driveway talking, and one woman started talking about her girlhood crush on the uncle we were talking with, complete with a description of the hair he used to have. i thought uncle's son was going to die laughing. that's really the kind of story you love to hear about your parents... makes them a little more human. 8)

entertained myself on the ride down and back reading up on HTML. now, how geeky is that? it's a good book, tho, and i'm closer to getting a good handle on tables and image maps. all you guinea pigs reading here will hopefully be treated to some useful new ways of getting around this site, as it grows. of course, if they just turn out to be annoying, you'll tell me, won't you?

got a great idea for another site over the weekend. some years ago, i meant to play every mini golf course i could find, and write a book about them. never quite finished that project, needless to say. got some good putt putt in, tho. anyway - that would be a very different site to build than a journal, and i'm really excited about starting work on it. if you love putt putt, and want to tell me about your favorite course, please write! the plan for now is to get the site planned out and up in at least a framework kind of way by the spring, and then start putting up reviews. for now, i only intend to cover massachusetts courses, but i'm sure it will expand. actually, i *hope* it will expand - that's only gonna work if people find it useful, right? which i hope they do...

oh yeah - the rest of the nite! after the reception, most all of us headed over to the irish village for the post-party. brian, you and i will have to go find a nice scotch sometime soon... that is, if you'll let me borrow him, cindy! ;) now, how can an irish place not have at least one or two good single malts? it's a mystery. the music was good, tho, and i got a few more incriminating photos for the scrapbook. earl - many thanks for the loan of the camera. huh! just discovered that the red eye button doubles as an 'info about your film' button when the camera is off. will wonders never cease...

/rant on

to cristina aguilera - thanks for finally distinguishing yourself from the rest of the interchangeable blond pop semi-talents. you probably broke my niece's heart by cancelling your concert the other night at the last minute. nice job, twit.

/rant off

alright, enough rambling. gotta post this up so i can go do dishes and unpack.

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