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aw... you mean i didn't get that extra hour?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

end of the weekend... or it might be. my time references are a bit off, because i was deeply convinced that daylight savings was this weekend. so i slept late, and woke up at 1:30... which didn't seem so sluggy, because i thought it was actually 12:30. i went around and changed all my clocks, except for the VCR, which is always a hassle. i did fine until about 7/8, when my best friend called to tell me she was on her way over to pick me up. 'you're an hour early, hon.' 'nooooo...' 'yes, you are. it's only 7.' back and forth, until she and the three other people on the other end of the phone convinced me that i was just far too overeager for that extra hour of sleep. hee hee hee. 8)

watched Stir of Echoes again tonight. what a great creepy movie! kevin bacon is one of the most underrated actors of his generation. the man is amazing. how come he doesn't get more recognition, other than the silly 6 degrees game?

and i saw The Princess Bride again last night. i had forgotten how fabulous that film is. 'Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.' whoo! Mandy Patinkin was such a hoot in that role. i've gotta buy a copy of that movie. it's right up there with Stripes and Young Frankenstein as movies worth repeated viewing.

managed to recover a little bit from the financial debacle. sorted out some of the books i have in storage and sold them to a local used bookstore, McIntyre and Moore. so now i have enough to feed me and feed the cats until the next paycheck. maybe i even have enough to get a decent costume for halloween! it feels a little like heresy to be selling books, though. i love books. i spend more money on books than pretty much anything else. so it's sort of like saying goodbye to friends. but, honestly, i have a dozen boxes of books stored away in my living room closet that i haven't looked at in years. if i'm not going to read them again... but that's not exactly true, either.

the books that mean the most to me are ones that i've never read, and maybe never will. when we were cleaning out my grandmother's house, and my parents' basement, i snagged all the older books that had someone's names in them. we've always been a big family of readers. the french textbook my aunt sally had in high school, the economics text my grandfather had in college, an english novel my grandmother had in school... they're little pieces of my family. those books, i don't want to part with.

my macro economics text from college, and a dozen comparative religion texts - now those can go. and all the fiction books that i got just to have brain candy... won't read them again. the sad part is, even after selling off 2 boxes of books, and setting aside 4 more to sell next weekend, my closet is still crammed full of boxes of books. i swear, they must just multiply in the dark when i'm not looking. 8)

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