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besuball been berry berry good to me


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for those who were understandably concerned about yesterday's entry - the gory details will eventually find their way here. please understand that it's a little difficult to want to talk about this, altho it will be productive to do that at some point.

so, how 'bout those red sox? my boys still have the chance to clinch the wild card slot, especially as they have 20 something games this month. handfuls of rain makeup games in there, and a lot of them against cleveland, i think.

from my friend george - i posed the question "baseball?" to him, in a cryptic effort to offer him a ticket to a game, and here is his response...i love it...


Baseball is the alpha and the omega. The First Pitch of the season is like the creation of the Universe: a white spherical mass of uniform density around which all else revolves comes into existence and announces its intentions with a crack that can be heard at the top of the stands and to the edge of space. As the season progresses, the constituent particles of matter condense out on to the field: players, referees, and fans in the case of baseball; stars, galaxies, and planets in the case of the Universe. Each is unique. The intricate dance they perform serves no purpose other than according to its own internal logic. The score goes up and sometimes it goes down. Soon enough, like an unwound clockspring, the game is over: the players file out, sometimes with a bang, but most often with a whimper. All that remains is dust and the stale smell of beer. Some of us who watched the beginning will also watch the end, but all are united in the inevitable dream that next universe, the universe that is to come, will be better than the last.


That is all I know about baseball. Ask me about boxing sometime.

-- George

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