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thank goddess it's friday


feeling kinda how a girl feels

hi. welcome. how's your week been? hope it's been better than mine. or at least, less rocky. no heavy discussions today, just random bits. we'll save the dense stuff for later. would hurt my brain too much to think deeply. 8)

thanks again to the people at FileGenie, specifically the support guy who answered each of my questions with humor and infinite patience. they're a site well worth checking out if you need some free file hosting. please to check out the last few entries, thank you. i've been working hard to clean 'em up real pretty, just for you. when you've digested today's silliness, just use the 'yesterday' link at the bottom of this page.

snippet of real conversation:


i didn't plan on crashing here. how is it that i meant to meet up with you, then go home, and things changed?


wait, you mean how is it that we start by *drinking* and then things change?


oh yeah. (sheepish grin)

god, that makes me sound like a lush. turned into a nice night, where he got to vent a lot, we both caught up with friends, jill finally realized we were there, and the pizza guys finally found the house.

was suprised to catch an electric bus into work today. now, if you've lived in the city (any city) for any length of time, you absorb the visual clues needed to recognize what's going on around you. for me, one of the clues is the standard bus profile. big, kinda lumpy, white, with a standard sort of sign on the front letting you know which route it's on. when they started wrapping the buses in those ridiculous saran wrap ads a few years ago, it threw me, because the buses transmogrified into rolling billboards, often in garish shades of yellow or orange not found in nature. but the profile was still the same. ok. i can adjust.

this morning, while waiting for the bus, a school shuttle for BC went rolling by. odd in and of itself, as the shuttle was many miles from the actual campus. and then i see what looks like another school shuttle. but lo and behold! it pulls over! and we get on! the electric buses are low to the ground, to facilitate curbside boarding. cool. and it's more fuel-efficient, in that it's not belching black smoke. also cool. there are a few things i find disconcerting about it, tho.

because the bus is low-rider kinda low, the wheel wells take up a fair amount of space inside the bus, making it hard to get past the door, since of course *noone* could actually walk all the way onto the bus and make room. the little sign by the handicapped seats says 'we hope you will give up this seat for someone less able', or some such thing - with the 'o' in 'you' replaced with a little red heart. yup. high ick factor, yes? and you kinda wonder how the less able will maneuver around the big-ass wheel wells. every stop is announced by a little recorded voice, which is more intelligible for out of towners, i guess, but they're using the same voice as the parking garage ticket machines. you know, the ones where you punch the button to have your parking slip spit at you? i know that's a real person, and she's probably quite nice, but i don't want to hear her chirping at me in the morning. or at all. and apparently the rules have changed on the new bus. no smoking and no littering, as per usual, but also no spitting and no portable radio playing. the last i'm quite thankful for, but the spitting? when did this become an issue? or are they just worried about short circuiting the bus if too many people spit on it?

caught a great show on 'GBH last week - This American Life. (warning: this link will spawn RealPlayer or something similar!) As described on their web site, this episode of the show is about "[t]hree stories of people trying to forget the past and move on." The host talks about moving past an old relationship; writer George Saunders reads is story about being haunted by a death; and reporter Scott Carrier, in perhaps the most surreal contribution, tries to find someone with amnesia, and, failing that, tries to have amnesia induced for himself. Surreal, and funny. I'd recommend listening the whole show, but at least jump to the last 15 minutes or so to hear Scott's report. And check out This American Life's home page.

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