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my brain is seeping out my ears again. i'm beginning to think this is a semi-permanent condition, what with the tired from being sick and being swamped at work. by the end of the day, it takes all my concentration to put one foot in front of the other, because all the synapses have already been stretched in some very peculiar directions.

had a long day today (9+ hours, which, when you're staring at a high resolution monitor, seems twice as long), and ended up running around like a chicken with its head cut off after work. after my work, not the chicken's work. because it wasn't really... oh, never mind. rampant punchiness just took over, didn't it?

if you've ever wondered if someone would, in fact, walk a mile for a Camel? the answer is yes. i had figured i'd save myself some walking and go to the store two blocks over to get a pack. costs more, but it's closer than the cheaper place. isn't that always the way? no gots. so i walked back, and figured i'd pay the even more exorbitant fee at the hotel next door, because, hey, that was between me and food. no gots. two strikes. all i could think was, 'this time saving step isn't working out so well.' i ended up going around the Square to the place where i usually go, and then doubling back around to go to the restaurant. probably took me three times as long as just sucking it up in the first place and walking across the Square.

stopped off to let drew know about the Robert Randolph show coming in to town next month; he was envious when i got to see them recently, so i figured i'd let him know there was a second chance. fortuitously, it's even a night when he's not working. :) always nice to pass along good news. made him smile.

stopped in at Passim's as well, to find out what the scoop is on the Ellis Paul shows coming up. i really, deeply want to see Ellis Paul. he's from here, but he plays away more than here. so i've been very torn about the show coming up the first week of November, because it conflicts with Denis Leary - also a tall drink of water, albeit not in a musical sense, as he only has that one song. ;) then i found that Ellis is playing two nights at Passim's in December. tickets haven't gone on sale yet, and the chances of getting tickets are excellent if i go early (if you haven't been there, it's a teensy little coffee house, about 6 steps down from the sidewalk). phew. so, Denis Leary this month, Ellis Paul next month.

and then i finally got to sit and unwind. hung out at Harvest, being generally entertained by the people sitting to my right. they either own or are affiliated with another restaurant around here; they certainly acted as if they owned this place. if they'd stayed much longer, i doubt i would have found it as entertaining. as it was, they kept calling to 'Larry' for another round, 'pal'. yeesh. how they determined his name was Larry (it isn't), i don't want to know.

so for the rest of the night, we were all Larry. :)

while i was there, i chatted with a few people that i know, and told what i hoped were entertaining stories. perhaps this is why marty thanked me for being one of his most friendly and accomodating customers. i know what he meant, but somehow that just doesn't sound right, does it? 'thanks for taking care of all my other customers, babe.' ;)

oh, and there were these two women sitting at the end of the bar who left an illustrated napkin as part of their tip. i was so enchanted with it that marty let me keep it. i think they must have started with the lion. it looks like they traced around the base of two different glasses, one inside the other. then somehow that got turned into a lion (the circles became the ruff of his mane). there's an animal in each corner - a loud, quacking duck, an indeterminate sort of dog-cow, and a evil giraffe, who is very charming except for the eyebrows that make him look angry.

why this tickled me so much, i'm not exactly sure. perhaps the sheer whimsy of it. in any event, it's tucked safely in the back of my notebook; i tug it out every so often just to lay it out and twirl it around my desk, looking at the doodle faces.

i also got free cookies out of the deal, which made me very happy. one of the guys who works at the store around the corner (see Stop #1 after work, above) is a regular there, and had brought in a plate of cookies. the bakery that makes them is amazing. they are certainly not calorie-conscious cookies, oh no. these are the all-butter, all-sugar, all-chocolate and jam variety. and they are nummy. i used to get one every so often as a treat, when i got my lunch over there more regularly. as it is, i hadn't had one in a while. so when i was offered a plate of nut crescents, lemon macaroons, and raspberry oreos, i was a happy girl. i went with the raspberry one. it was a good choice. :)

spent some time talking to friends about The Boy and his damn sense of entitlement. y'know, maybe it's because i'm tired. maybe it's because my defenses are down on a lot of fronts. maybe i'm just pissed off. i'm still steaming about this. grrr... that, and i'm dragging my feet on things like, oh, balancing my *checkbook* to see if i have any money. maybe i could ignore all that a little longer and just have another cookie?

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