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maybe a SnoCone would make my throat feel better...


feeling kinda how a girl feels

oooohhhhh, i feel like crap on toast today. apparently, that's the WASP version of shit on a shingle. you know that feeling, when your head is all stuffy, that your brain is actually waterlogged, and you're thinking slower? kinda like that. my lungs feel like they're circulating forced hot air heat. and my throat has apparently been redecorated with sandpaper.

and there's more snow on the way this weekend. still not the Storm of the Century, but inconvenient nonetheless. it's gonna be wet, heavy, nasty snow, the kind that sneaks up on you and pulls the rug out, just so it can watch you flail your arms helplessly as you skid around the corner and fall on your ass. and then it laughs as your ass freezes up, falls off and shatters on the sidewalk. i'm just saying.

and as if that isn't enough fun, i got to revisit the Seventh Circle of Hell (otherwise known as my insurance company) today. now, i'm not hyperaware of most security stuff, but i do get nervous about publicizing my social security number. i know you can find out a ton of information with just a name or phone number, so i don't harbor the illusion that i'm living in the witness protection program. but social security number seems like the key to the kingdom, to me. with that, you could successfully forge a false identity. this happened to a friend of mine once. he got slammed with bills he didn't recognize, and had a hard fight getting out of it, because the other person had used his SSN.

so, in my small nod to paranoia, i do everything i can to keep my SSN off my license and insurance cards, among other things. the last four carriers i had? no problem. swapped in a dummy number, and we were off to the races. this company? it's been two and a half months, people. one month to get them to acknowledge my request, one to get them to act on it and actually *send* the card they said was in the mail, and another two weeks for me to discover that the card is useless. much finger pointing and obfuscation later, it looks like i *may* (knock on wood) have straightened it out. but i don't really know, now, do i? they could have just told me anything to shut me up. 'oh, throw her a sop and she'll be quiet.' the test will be when i go to the doctor's on Monday. that's a joy in and of itself, because they've gone from HMO to honoring outside insurance carriers. the first time i took in a claim form, the woman behind the desk actually held the paper away from her with two fingers and said 'what's THIS?' um, insurance paperwork. 'we don't take THAT.' um, yes, you do. drop the attitude and work with me here. oh, i love big organizations that can't disseminate information or work with their customers. la la la...

and in a nod to my procrastinatory skills, i think i may throw up a new design this weekend. i know, i know... i was going to wait until i had the new domain set up. but that's taking a long time, and i'm dragging my feet on that a little because i'm scared i won't get it right, and i'm getting frustrated with the current layout. i've had two new looks in mind for a while, one that would work here and one for the new domain, when i get there (hark! is that the sound of Hell freezing over?). so i think i'll tinker with the first idea the next few days and get something a little more spring-like up. yeah, yeah... wishful thinking that spring might happen sometime soon, she said, peering out at the rapidly falling snow. i'm just hoping that it melts a bit before the MS Walk, because walking 6.2K is all well and fine until you need the boots and handwarmers. hey, if you'd like to help out, click here, and win my undying affection. seriously. it would mean a lot. thanks...

updated to say, i forgot to tell you about watching Inside the Actors Studio the other night. now, i find Lipton to be pretentious at best, and a complete ditherbunny as an interviewer at worst. then pamie and stee did a little joint Lipton bashing, which made me snort tea all over my monitor. then we had the Storm, and i got a snow day, just like being back in high school! surfing around looking for something good to watch, i caught Lawrence Fishburne on ITAS on Bravo. the man is good. i had to watch. and i laughed even more at Lipton, because i kept thinking of pamie and stee's entry. go check it out, you'll see what i mean.

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