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i went downtown today, and all i got was lei'd.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

:pfffffffssssss: that, my friends, is the sound of tension leaking out of me.

the recent events reached a crescendo, slammed into the wall, and ebbed away. a few hours work today, and i've got the beast of a project under control and running, at least momentarily. there are still pieces that need to be sorted out, but at least the people coming in to work on it tomorrow will have something to pound on. the rest of it can wait until Monday.

side note: how crappy is it to have to call your boss at home, on the weekend? i mean, i know he has the same twisted ethic that i do, and he would rather have heard from me this weekend than waited for Monday. but still. 'hi, boss? i know you went home and want to float around in the pool this weekend. but, um, hi. we have some issues.' that's exactly the phone call i'd want to be getting. not.

feh. it's done. leave it for next week.

of course, i'll be checking my voice mail compulsively tomorrow, just to see if the team runs into any other issues. 8P

on a happier note, i'm all sunburned and happy. we headed downtown for the Gay Pride Parade and had a blast. perfect day for it - sunny, light breeze, plenty of room to watch. hell, wouldn't have mattered much - there was just as much to see on the sidewalk as in the parade. :)

we were all running late today, for a variety of reasons, most of which involved lack of sleep (partial or total). so plans changed to meeting up by the T stop down in Copley. miracle of miracles, it only took us about 10 minutes to find each other. wandered down to the start of the parade route, which is the only place to be, because Moving Violations always starts the parades with a bevy of Harleys. mmmrrreow. ChicaBeanie, you know i blame you for the Harley thing. the sound of a well tuned bike being revved up by someone who rides it like they know what they're doing.... aw, yeah, baby. all good.

and the rest of the parade... lessee, cops, army, navy, leather, bi, bands, choruses, sports teams, PFLAG, drag queens galore (and gorgeous ones at that), transgender, teen, elder, Asian, Latina/Latino, and sooooo many churches (Unitarian, Methodist, Episcopal, some others, i'm sure), which was the coolest thing to me. oh, wait - no. that wasn't the coolest. the Jane Swift look alike was the coolest. man, that just cracked me up. if you don't know our valiant governor, she doesn't exactly exude support for the community. so to see someone dressed as her, marching proud as could be down the street, working the crowd... perfect. perfect. :)

as ChicaBeanie or her girlfriend noted at one point, this parade is the only place where we pick up *every single* tchochke that gets tossed out. Mardi Gras beads, frisbees, condoms, footballs, garlands, chocolates, toys, thong underwear (courtesy of Jaegermeister, of all things... no, i don't get it, either)... and i didn't get any beads, but i did get lei'd by CB's girlfriend. no, no, no, silly - lei'd, like, aloha. ;) a favor which i later returned, by the way, by leading her by the glitter ribbon and patting her ass (i was trying to keep the ribbon from blowing in my face, and tried to brush the dust off her leather pants). sounds racier the first way, doesn't it? reality is just never as exciting.

we made it for most of the parade, and then heat and hunger got to us. so we made our salmon-like way towards the Common, to check out the after party.

side note: Starsucks is run by the spawn of Satan. i'm just saying. trying to get a coffee flavored coffee and get the hell out of there in under half an hour was a task of Herculean proportions. and who the hell ever decided that a barista was a necessary role? pour my damn coffee, take my money, and we're done, thank you very much. there's no need to yell at me in some obscure artsy vocabulary. just Give Me My Caffeine, Damn It!!

whew. okay. back to the parade. :) (did i mention i had pounded down two cups of coffee just to get going today? my hands have been shaking the last three hours.) having fortified ourselves with indecent amounts of caffeine, we kept on going to the Common. and then we caught sight of Sparkle (aka Mark) up on the float for Fran's. lordy, he makes the prettiest girl. we had a reason to go skittering out into the parade, yelping and waving, which was fun all around. we had a great time taking snaps of him and walking along with the float a short way, and of course he adored the attention. damn if Sparkle doesn't know how to do it up. hee hee... so cool to have seen him up there.

whoooo... okay, project momentarily under control, sunburned and happy... off to the brewery for dinner. oh! oh, shoot... forgot to tell y'all about the show last night. hrm. well, i'll save that one for tomorrow, if you don't mind, because i'm huuunnngry right about now. ;) tomorrow, then.

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