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aw... *another* list? :)


feeling kinda how a girl feels

snarked this from madolyn, in a reverse chain letter sort of thingie (okay, my lame attempt to say she nicked it from elsewhere as well). for some reason, i'm thinking of lists these days. probably comes from trying to get various parts of my life into order.

10 bands you've seen live

i'll assume solo performers count as well... recently would be Great Big Sea, Tim Gearan, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, David Byrne, The Push Stars, Lyle Lovett, Joe Satriani, John Wesley Harding, David Gray, and Hybrasil.

9 things you're looking forward to

8 things you wear every day

watch, earrings, bra, underwear, toe rings (altho sometimes not in the winter), chapstick, deodorant, glasses.

7 things that annoy you

people who bike without helmets, telemarketers, people who pick their nose in public, anyone who condescends to me, drooling dogs, drivers who forget to use their turn signals because they assume you can read their freaking minds, my cat who pees in my shoes when he's mad. (altho this is far from a complete list.)

6 things you touch daily

5 things you do every day

hrm... i don't have the most consistent lifestyle in the world. um... usually, read, drink tea, smoke, get online, and sleep. not very exciting, but i'm not sure there's much else i do every day.

4 people you spend the most time with

ChicaBeanie, dan, brian and sam.

3 movies you could watch again and again

ooohhhh... only three? okay. for today, it would be Princess Bride, Shawshank Redemption, and Dressed to Kill, altho the last isn't strictly a *movie*, in the sense of plot and characters.

2 favourite songs of the moment

drat. Thaw, by The Audiants, and something on The Cure's All Mixed Up album that i can't remember the name of but have been singing in my car nearly every day on the way to work.

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with

other than myself? well, the deep, snotty, philosophical answer would be me. i know too many people who don't like their own company. but off the top of my head? haven't met my soul mate yet. still hoping and looking, altho not too hard.

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