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enough already. rain and be cooler, damn it.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

birthday countdown: 10 days.

okay, i'm not laughing anymore. this heat sucks. short entry, because i'm dripping wet, and afraid i'll short out the keyboard, or get stuck to the chair. ewww.

it's gotten bad enough that we blew part of the power grid today. i was sitting at my desk trying to get the latest part of the project done (and surfing in the background, of course) when it suddenly got very quiet. i said, to noone in particular, 'i definitely don't like that sound.' the air conditioning had just cut out. when you lose the AC, it's a sign that things are rapidly degrading. sure enough, 20 minutes later, all the power cut out. i've never seen my monitor spark like that.

i decided it was a good time to get some breakfast; eating anything has been tough this week, since most cooking involves heat. i've nuked a few things, or eaten them right out of the can, but mostly the heat has destroyed my appetite. of course, this snowballs into a full fledged bout of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, and if you don't know what it is, count yourself lucky). so i figured it would be good to try some sort of breakfast sandwichy thing. silly me. i tried to leave by the elevator. that didn't work.

fortunately, the Dunkin' Donuts around the corner still had power. i got a biscuit thingy with egg and cheese, and tried to choke it down while reading the Metro. there's no connection between the paper and the choking, by the way. the Metro is a very cool daily sheet. and it's free.

then i headed back to the office to see what the prognosis was. and here, the problem became apparent to me. i had effectively locked myself out of the office. see, the stairwells are locked from the outside. you can get to the stairs from any floor, and you can get in on the first floor. but as some sort of security measure, they lock the doors on the other floors. hrm. i could see my office. i could wave to people standing at the windows (hi, Penn!). but there didn't appear to be a way for me to actually *get in* to the office. and i only work on the second floor... i wandered around for a bit, in and out of the garage, in and out of the lobby, debating the wisdom of assaying the elevators, which appeared to be working on generators. finally, i figured i'd try the stairs and just bang on the door a lot. got up there, and discovered that someone had propped the door open with a Wall Street Journal. so much for security, eh?

first the reports said an hour or two to restore power. then they said it would be out indefinitely. now it was starting to get stuffy, and there wasn't anything to do. i sat there, blinds down (sometimes having a window cube is a curse), balancing my checkbook and paying bills. then i cleaned out my desk drawer. then i filed some papers. *twiddles thumbs* that took all of 45 minutes. no power.

wandered down to boss's office and bothered him for a while. wandered to the reception desk and hung out for a bit. meandered back to my desk, and then back to boss man's office. this was getting tedious.

and then, just as i was about to head out for the day... the power sparked back on. feh. the IS guys (guy, actually, as one was out today, as often seems to be the case when stuff like this happens - his timing is uncanny) had us unplug our machines before that, so that some errant surge wouldn't fry all the hard drives. it only took about a half hour for things to be back up and humming along. pretty prompt, considering that they had to cold boot the entire network. i dropped a note to dan to thank him, and was surprised to hear that nobody else had done the same. people, word of advice. be kind to your IS guys. they keep you in business.

i managed to get everything tied up in time to go for a cocktail or two with bill. he's about to head off for vacation, which i hope he's able to enjoy, as the job front is still a bit murky. found the kitties intact when i got home, thankfully. i've been worried about them all week in this heat, and was afraid that the power mess might have toasted one or both of the fans. poor little schmoos. it's not like they can take off the fur coat, altho they've certainly been doing their level best. the whole house is covered in tumbleweeds of fur. and frankly, i'm okay with that for now. it's too damn much effort to even think about vacuuming, let alone doing it.

oh, and in other news... met up with earl for coffee the other day. it's still strange and odd, but worth it, i hope. hard to tell. he's going thru his own things, and it's hard not to put myself in the role of therapist lately. he knows that, and still wants to get together. i don't know... maybe that's where he needs the friendship to be right now. we'll see. meanwhile, i'm filling out applications for grad school so i can get my degree in psychology. ;)

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