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**sniffle** ::cough:: but the show was good.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

oh, bleah. i think i'm getting sick. why oh why? i don't want or need another head cold! feh.

might have something to do with my late night last night, perhaps. went to see the Ken Clark Organ Trio at The Burren, and it was lovely to hear them at the proper volume. usually, we see them at the Gs, and they tone it down a bit so as not to scare people out of the dining room. but at The Burren, it's just music and beer, baby. plus there's a house sound system that the boys jacked into. [note: i was gonna rephrase that, but the fact that it sounds like an obscene William Gibson reference amuses me.] so my ears were still ringing a bit when i got home. and they're playing again next week at The Good Life downtown. my best friend and i are going to that show. she's never been to The Good Life, and it's high time we rectified that little problem. what should be interesting about that is how the boys get the Hammond down the stairs. they aren't the most capacious of stairs, and the Hammond... well, let's just say it's a lot of organ.


a friend of mine sent me a link to the Belief Assistant, which i nearly ignored. but i skipped on over there today, and my, but that was educational. no, really. i hate the damn paperclip, but it was an interesting little survey. and didn't i come up gnostic. huh. did a little reading to figure out what this meant, and it was all very close to home. some of my family were Swedenborg, which is gnosticism in its dress clothes, apparently. fascinating. so as i trotted off to the bookstore for completely other reasons, i decided to look for a book or two on gnosticism. fits in with one of my resolutions for the year.

i feel sort of like i'm back in college; i took several comparative religion courses just for fun. yep, you read that right. just for fun. i know; how many people read Weber for kicks? well, color me curious. it's all interesting to me. also got a book by the Dalai Lama, who strikes me as the kind of person you'd like to talk to over a cup of tea, tea-ceremony style. maybe i'll dig into those tonite.


::sniffle:: phooey. i was going to the gym tonight, thinking that i could work this ickiness out of my system, but now i'm leaning in the direction of curling up on the couch and downing some NyQuil. man, i was so ecstatic when they came out with that shit in capsule form! because, really, it tastes like melted tires if you take the syrup. i always held out as long as possible before choking it down, even though i knew it would only take one, two doses tops to kick whatever i had, because the stench and taste made me feel even worse right then. and then... capsules. yay! manna from heaven, those things.

mm. yes, i think that might be the plan. heat up some leftovers, slug back some NyQuil, and curl up with a good book. maybe watch a little ER, or my TV boyfriend, and call it a night. the laundry can wait another day.

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