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ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag


feeling kinda how a girl feels

We livin' in a mean time and an agressive time
a painful time, a time where cynicism rots the vine

-- Michael Franti, Rock the Nation

whoofdy. it's a ten pound day in a five pound bag. hit the ground running this morning, and i keep looking over my shoulder to see what i've missed.

i managed to break large pieces of our current project the other day (well, okay, i tripped over an existing issue that caused many things to be broken - still feels like i screwed up everyone's day). much scurrying around yesterday, and then just as we thought we had all the pieces lined up, a stray comment made me realize that there was a whole 'nother layer of issues. detailed voice mail for boss late last night, so he could get a jump start on things. quick call to him this morning, as i was getting dressed, just to see if we were getting closer to an answer. he's phenomenally cranky today - as i would be, too, if my dentist had done a root canal that didn't quite take. yowch.

and more scurrying today. things to do, things to do... crankin' music blaring in the headphones, just to keep me going. quick lunch in the park to recharge. (yum yum - sunshine is my friend today.) small amounts of panic about getting everything squashed into the day. if you have a spare hour or two you could toss my way, would you? i'd really appreciate it. ;)

quite the full plate for the weekend. working a show down at the Pavilion tonight, first one for me this season. i'm looking forward to it, as Addison Groove Project is the first opening act. don't know who the other two bands are, but that's fine. i'm happy to see the boys again. saw them last fall opening for Maceo, and they are *tight*. mm hmm. and they're still all in college! here's hoping that they make it big; they certainly deserve it. and get this: they have an ongoing project to provide food for local shelters. they encourage people to bring canned goods to every one of their shows. tight horns, and a social conscience. what more could you ask for? ;)

peace to the people who be losing their head
peace to the people who be needin' a bed
love to the people who be feelin' alone
spreadin' love upon the microphone
hope to the people who be feelin' down
smile to the people who be wearin' a frown
faith to the people who be seekin' the truth, y'all...

-- Michael Franti, Sometimes

well, okay. there is all that. :) yesterday sounded pretty bad, didn't it? i just needed to get all that shite out of my head. sorry if any of you got winged (wung? wang? wingt?) by the shrapnel. i felt much better after having written all of that, though. as sparky pointed out, there is a therapeutic facet to journalling. just the act of writing out your thoughts is sometimes enough to get past them, or find the answer you had and needed to see.

anyway... weather is lovely today, and the concert should be a good kickstart to the weekend. Gay Pride March on Saturday, then brew master's dinner at the brewery, dinner party on Sunday, and helping put the kitchen back together for said party (nothing like ripping your kitchen apart right before throwing a big party, eh?). somewhere in there, i'm hoping to find a nap or two. that, my friends, would make for an excellent weekend.

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