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tra la la... and it's snowing.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

so, i do have some nice things to report, but first, i have a little something i need to get off my chest.

/rant mode on

to the gentleman who saw fit to rip me a new asshole tonight:

i don't know if you had a bad day, or a bad week, or just have a sequoia permanently implanted in your rectum. for any of these, i am sorry. however, there was no call for you to take it out on me tonight. you weren't the first or last rude person i had to deal with, but you were certainly by far the worst. we're there to do our jobs. our job involves directing you to your seat. if you don't like the directions, then you have Issues. we politely told you how to get there. why this became a personal affront, i don't know. but you had no right whatsoever to take out your unhappiness with your crappy little life on me. you should remember that a small modicum of politeness will get you far. if you'd been the least bit polite, and *asked* if you could take the illegal shortcut, i might have bent the rules for you and your wife. and does it strike you as a tad ironic that i spoke to you politely, calling you 'sir', while you stood there hurling obscenities at me, insulting my intelligence, my manners and pretty much everything about me but my mother? you, sir, were the one lacking in good manners and grace. your mother should be ashamed of you. if i were your wife (which thank goddess i'm not), i'd be embarrassed to be seen in public with you. and you're damn lucky i didn't give you a lobotomy the hard way - with my flashlight.

/rant mode off

*whew* okay. better now. oh, it was such a treat tonight. and i mean that both sarcastically and seriously. watching a lobby full of people sneeze all over themselves, pick their noses, spill beer on themselves, and scratch their crotches (largely male audience tonite) and *then* hand you their ticket... ick. and while Sequoia Boy was the worst of the lot, a ton of people were downright rude about following directions. 'but my seat is right there!' 'yes, i know. you need to take the stairs back there.' 'but! but!' 'yes, i know. straight back and up the stairs.' lather, rinse and repeat.

however, the music was great. opening act was John Paul Jones, bass player from Led Zeppelin. wonderful tight set with a great guitar player. and JPJ was in a kilt and grey wife beater. hey, it's a look. :) funny, i walked up to take a look, and thought, 'that's JPJ?'. then it dawned on me that i didn't really know what he looked like when he was in Zep. bass players, while some of my favorites (having dated many), do tend to be the more forgettable members of a line up. 45 minute set, and he did an encore of Zep tunes. yay! so now i've seen half of Zep, having seen Robert Plant last year. it's the hard way to do it, one band member at a time. ;)

headliner was King Crimson, of Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew fame. hadn't heard any of their stuff since high school, when one of my boyfriends at the time was into them. it was really interesting; Fripp uses what he calls 'Fripptronics' to seriously mess around with his guitar, making it sound like a sitar or violin, whatever he feels like.

a bunch of his students play together in a group that was being hawked in the concessions area - called The League of Crafty Guitarists. my friend M said he'd seen them; it's a dozen or so guitarists, and they do things like play a riff one note at a time, each guitarist taking the next note. he said it was like synchronized swimming for guitars. made me laugh - such a great description.

Fripp is an odd duck, sort of like Miles Davis. he doesn't like people to watch him, so he sits off on the side, or tucked in the back of the set, with no lights on him. seems to me that if he doesn't like to be in public, he chose a rather odd career. he was actually out on the stage tonight, so i can claim what i guess is a rare thing - to have actually *seen* Fripp play.

there was also one funny (read: odd) woman whom we kept laughing about every time she walked by. skinny little red head, holding her ticket with her pinky sticking out, and huge teeth. how do we know she had huge teeth? because her face was stuck in a perma-grin, that's why. her lips were pulled so far apart, she looked like a Saint Bernard baring his fangs (i know, Saint Bernards don't really do that, but that's the image in my head). after she passed us the first time, i turned to the other usher, and we both cracked up. i called up the ramp 'hey, free advice - no more face lifts!' my boss commented that she could probably only close her mouth if she lifted her leg. sad part? he was probably right.

heading home, i discovered that it's snowing. go figure. a week of 70° weather, and now snow. life in New England. eh. we're supposed to get a few inches, but i don't think it's going to stick much. so i stopped at the 24 hour pharmacy on the way home and stocked up on a few essentials (orange juice, cat food, hair dye), which means i won't have to leave the house for anything tomorrow. i can just laze around, hopefully finding the motivation to clean my bedroom, do some laundry, and maybe work on the Christmas list, but generally just staying in on a snowy day and maybe curl up with a good book and a cup of tea.

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