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feeling kinda how a girl feels

birthday countdown: 11 days.

i'm still feeling a bit crappy from the recent migraine. functional, but weak. and my time references are a bit off, as i didn't really register any of yesterday. just slept more or less straight thru from Tuesday night to Thursday morning. on the up side, i did get into work pretty early today. ;)

by all rights, i shouldn't have worked the show tonight. i had worked a full day, have to work a full day tomorrow, and am working another show tomorrow night. but i just couldn't pass it up.

Lyle Lovett and Bonnie Raitt, y'all. would you have stayed home?

i made sure to get a half night spot so i could at least get home by 11. i'm quickly coming to favor splitting at the top of 5/6. it's at the back of the venue so the acoustics are great. odd, but they're better at the back of the tent than in the middle. it's closer to the water, so i can watch the boats. and if there's a breeze to be had, that's where it generally is.

Lyle was billed as the opening act, but they more or less split the bill. he came out and played 75 minutes of kick ass music with his Large Band. i'd seen him last summer, closer to my birthday, but about the same time. he was fantastic then, and fantastic now. this time, he did the set sitting down, as he's in a walking cast from the recent Bovine Incident.

it makes me deliriously happy to hear him. the full band singing Penguins - how much better does it get? and he had the same line up of musicians and singers as last time, as far as i could tell. this was much goodness, because one of his female singers had a solo - sang the hell out of a woman-penned blues song. she was so good, you just wanted to bow down before her. i settled for clapping wildly.

Bonnie, much to my disappointment, wasn't as good as i hoped. it's not that she didn't sing or play well; she did. i guess it comes from her being a 'name' performer; i had higher expectations of her than i might of another performer.

didn't really matter, tho, as i cut out of there a few songs into her set and headed home. takes me an hour to get from point A to point B, despite the fact that as the crow flies it's only a few miles.

got fairly irked on the T (surprise). as i was getting up to walk to the door, we hit the turn into Harvard. i balance for it, unconsciously, because i know it's coming. the woman standing behind me didn't. she clonked me on the back of my right leg with her huge platform-y things. and didn't apologize! i know she knew she did it; she looked back at me. but she didn't say a word, didn't ask if i was okay, not a word. so now, not only do i have a shredded knee and foot, but i have a huge, honkin' bruise on the back of my leg. god, my legs look so ridiculous - tan from shorts hem to knee, pale to the ankle, shredded on one side, bruised on the other.

i may break out one of those self-tanner concoctions, just to even out the color a little bit and try to hide the damage. i've never used one of them before, because generally i get enough sun or don't care that i'm pale. but this looks a little silly, especially after sailing this weekend. the legs are fifteen different colors and a couple of textures. less than optimal. and it's not as if i can just wear a long dress or jeans to cover up; too hot and painful. should be interesting, this self tanner thing.

in any event, i did get home about when i wanted to. time for a solid 8 hours sleep so i can get thru the double-shot tomorrow.

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