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aw, man... my boys just came out of a perfectly good sweep against the Rangers, and already things are not looking good. caught the game (late, as it was on the West Coast), and dozed off somewhere in the second inning. probably not such a bad idea. one loss to Oakland. here's hoping the rest of the three game series does better.

some wierd stuff in the game that's bothering me: one of the Sox intentionally bunted for first, and got tagged... for a strike. huh. i watched that play three or four times, and i still think it was a fair ball. so why was it a strike, not an out? not that i should be arguing, really. wouldn't change the outcome of the game. or maybe it would have - bases were near loaded at that point, if i remember correctly. then again, maybe i'm not. because it's still Damn Hot.

this is, what, three, four days of insanely hot heat? it's making me crazy. even walking across the street, you break out in a sweat. i'm walking very slowly these days...

oh, ick. oh, is that really necessary? okay. i'm watching the game. and every other break, it seems, they play an ad for Lamisil. it treats athlete's foot even faster than the nasty crap you used to have to use. ewww.... gross! why?! why do we need to hear this? and for the record, i don't really want to hear about Monistat 1 either. this is an equal opportunity offensive. anything you need to treat grody infections, i really don't need to hear about while i'm watching the ball game, or a movie, and eating dinner. doesn't it don on you people that we might be eating? ick.

and while we're on the topic of baseball (notice that nice little segue? thank you. thank you very much.), here's my theory. if the Shrub wanted to be president of something other than his Rotary club, then we should have appointed him baseball commisioner rather than President. seriously. think about it. he used to own the Rangers (or had some controlling interest, i forget exactly how it worked), and he loves the game. we could have made him commisioner, and he would do far less harm. and yes, i do think that we appointed him President. there was no clear winner in that last election, only losers.

feh. anyway, i have tried working out a bit, despite the heat. haven't made it to the gym, but ChicaBeanie has AC in her TV room. so we've been doing videos. first up was the intermediate Pilates tape. that one nearly killed me. i've done Pilates before, and get the whole breathing/balance thing. but the woman doing the tape was breathing too fast. she was exhaling before i was done breathing in. and since the movements are tied to breath, i kept falling out of sync with the tape. plus that whole balance on your ass thing always messes me up.

but we did that, and it was good. today, because it was so hot and we were a bit stiff from the Pilates, we opted for a yoga tape. i've had it for ages but hadn't tried it yet. turned out to be quite nice. it's a PM relaxing session, altho you'd never know it from looking at the tape. she must have been out in the desert at midday. nice setting, pretty to look at, and the music wasn't too cheesy (always a possibility with these things). started with some centering exercises, and then moved into active poses. no joke, those. despite the AC, we were a little grungy by the end. stretched out most of the kinks from the day before. and i love the relaxation bit at the end. most of my favorite classes do this - corpse pose and deep breathing. i took it as an opportunity to nap when i first started yoga. now it really works to get in touch with my body and see how things have changed going thru the poses.

CB gave me a ride home, and stopped so i could pick up some wine coolers. you know how when it's sticky hot and you want something to drink, but you can't really deal with it? and then wine coolers sound like a good idea, because they're light and taste like Kool Aid, and you don't get too loopy, but you still feel like you had a drink. okay, maybe you haven't had that moment. at any rate, i wanted wine coolers.

i went to exactly the wrong place to get them. the Wine and Cheese Cask is on the way home, which made it the likely suspect. but they only have real wine. lots of it, too. i've found some great stuff there. it was vaguely embarrassing to ask the clerk if they had wine coolers. he didn't laugh too much, and pointed me in the direction of something new they just started carrying. i think i've found a new friend. Kopparberg's Pear Cider, from Sweden. it's light, and yummy, and comes in these beautiful tall cans with nice art work and a green tab on top of the gold can.

i got to chatting with the woman at the register, who told me about the sales guy who sold it to them; she said he was very sweet, not like most assertive sales people who come in there. so she was happy to see someone buying the cider. we talked a bit about Sweden, and wine coolers, and the heat, and then she jumped out from behind the counter and snagged a loaf of olive bread. 'here, you really should have this to go with the cheese and cider. just take it.' what a sweetheart! if you go into the Wine and Cheese Cask, she's the woman with the short blond hair, baseball cap and sweet smile. tell her 'hi'. she's good people.

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