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feeling kinda how a girl feels

please tell me that inordinate amounts of sleep will help the body fight illness.

i'm so tired... i didn't even change out of my pajamas to walk the puppies. since they're flannel pants, it sort of looks like i just got lazy and wore loungewear. like that's any better.

had a funny moment with the puppies this morning. got around the corner to the park, and there was a little girl there with her mother. the girl must have been about 4 years old. she wanted to pat the dogs, and the dogs wanted to say hi to her. i was worried that they would run her over with their boundless enthusiasm, so i kept them on very, very short leash.

the little girl came over to pet them, and we got to talking about dogs. she started doing the little girl thing, playing with her hair and sort of twirling one toe on the ground. 'we're getting a dog', she said. i looked at mom, who seemed resigned. 'really? what kind of dog?' 'yellow.' more hair twirling. i tried so hard not to laugh. it was just such a kid thing, tho. a yellow dog.

i did manage to catch up with my sister in law this morning, in time, but not too early. she sounded hesitant when i started talking to her. turns out when i said ' hi there' i was so froggy she thought i said 'hi sarah', and wondered if i knew who i had called. bowed out of today on very short notice, somewhat ungracefully, i think. just doesn't seem cool to call a few hours before i'm supposed to be there to beg off. and i'm sad i'll miss my niece's soccer game. but the body is just not willing today.

woke up long enough to feed and walk the dogs (which i wasn't going to be there for, since i was supposed to be out of town, so i left a note), and then headed home. i had panicked all weekend about the key, as the new door locks behind you. that, plus i kept thinking i'd throw out the key with the bags of dog poo.

snoozed and watched TV for the rest of the night, if you can call peering at the set thru one half closed eye watching.

caught up with my best friend. she and her girlfriend are going down to camp out in the new house for a few days to get some stuff done. should be fun, as they have no real furniture down there yet.

made me think about moving down to the Cape when i was a kid. we had a long drive down there; i rode with my dad and the cats, who were stuffed in picnic baskets in the back seat, and mewled pitifully all the way down, unless dad and i were talking. let me tell you, your throat gets really dry talking for nearly three hours straight. we went thru every single Life Saver my dad had, trying to keep the juices going and the cats calm.

when we got down there, we camped out at my grandparents' house for the night. i guess the furniture was going to follow us the next day. i remember sleeping on the floor in the living room, on some pile of blankets. it was a bit odd to be in that space. usually, when we slept over, we got the guest room. but we only ever visited one grandkid at a time, so that worked. this time, my parents got the guest room. not sure who ended up on the pull out couch, but i was very definitely on the living room floor. the lights and the sounds were very strange.

oh... wait, it wasn't that the furniture was late. the house wasn't done. we stayed at the cottage for a week or two after that. and when we did get into the house, nothing was really set up. i remember eating take out pizza out of the box on the floor of the kitchen, because the table wasn't put together.

seemed like quite the adventure at the time, from a kid's perspective. for the adults? maybe not so much.

the weather forecast for this week is so messed up. freezing tonight and tomorrow, 70 by the end of the week. it'll be a true Indian summer, if it happens. i just learned the definition for that the other day, by the way. apparently, we have to have a hard frost and then warm weather for it to be considered a true Indian summer.

yes, i was watching the Weather Channel. in my defense, all i can say is i'm sick.

i did have a small freak out moment while watching TV. i started hearing explosions. yes. explosions. put the set on mute, listened some more. turned the sound back on, because i didn't want to think about it. then i started to hear sirens. so i hit mute again. more explosions, lots more sirens, and then. a plane. we're not normally on a flight path. and this plane sounded low. all of this could have been coming from Logan, which is not that far away as the crow flies. :/ i kept switching over to the news and not finding anything, and then decided that willful ignorance isn't always a bad thing. i found out later that it was a fireworks display two towns over. they opened two new schools today, and capped off the celebrations with fireworks.

color me stupid, but wouldn't it make sense to pull the permit for that on the *day* that Bush starts shelling Afghanistan? we're all just a little jumpy here, folks. and giving the neighbors heart failure with exploding things is not a good idea. it was all phenomenally poorly timed.

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