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holding out for the words


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i suppose it's sort of cheating, but i prefer to think of it as recycling, which is good.

i finally caved in and submitted an entry to girlboy (which i keep mistyping as girlgoy for some reason... if you choose to analyze that, be sure to let me know, will you?).

and here it is.

if they ask how i'm holding up, say i'm holding out for the words

beth is a Leo, works for a computer company on the East Coast, journals, also works for a few concert venues, drinks too much caffeine, and is often not as motivated as she should be to reach all the goals she sets for herself. she's been married and divorced, and had her heart broken a few times. she has two cats and a few very close friends, for whom she is grateful every day.

she is hoping against hope that she can find a boy who:

isn't threatened by being called a boy. who is fine with it, actually.

tells the truth, always.

is suitably impressed that i can recite all the dialog from Young Frankenstein.

can debate the opposing viewpoint, and gets that debating is about logic, not a personal affront.

has a sense of humor, and can tell a good joke.

knows what an Ivy League college is, and that it has nothing to do with being vegetarian.

understands that girls like sports, too, and doesn't make fun of my subscription to Baseball Digest, or the fact that it's bathroom reading.

can shoot a mean game of pool and toss a decent game of darts. and does. often.

appreciates a good beer and a fine port.

can name the source of the lyrics from which i ripped the title of this list.

is not afraid of commitment, and will actually make plans.

knows something about messing around with boats.

reads. Tolkein is a good start. Willa Cather, Arturo Perez Reverte, and Nick Bantock are also good. so are People, GQ, and Martha Grimes. a love of reading is the important thing, anyway.

is fine with my need to have the stereo volume on multiples of two (never 13) and the cable volume on multiples of 5.

will listen to my protests of not being girlie, and not then point out the 3 types of conditioner and 5 types of body wash in the shower.

likes to travel, really travel, to other states and countries, and take vacations.

will do the dishes or any other chore, unprompted.

can balance his checkbook.

is fine with my unhealthy addiction to Eddie Izzard.

wears boxer briefs.

is not offended when i call what he is wearing an outfit.

can stand the sound of my singing.

is not shocked to find a very respectable tool box with real tools, thankyouverymuch, under my kitchen sink.

is as much of a foodie as i am. and if he can cook, all the better.

doesn't pick on me about my addiction to nicotine.

gets the addiction to reference materials.

can play poker and cribbage.

is kind to my family.

doesn't snore, hog the covers, or wake up insanely early. who is a bit of a night owl and appreciates the value of a good nap.

plays an instrument (sax, guitar or bass, altho anything is good).

understand that wish lists are just that, and a kind heart and the ability to connect and communicate are what count most.

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