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whoofdy. i slept nearly all day. the dogs, no doubt, found me very boring. then again, they were asleep most of the day too.

i got myself into some sort of human form in time to hook up with earl for dinner, tho. showered, changed, called him, and then took a nap while he was on his way over.

he picked Margot, some little bistro downtown. i whinged a bit because i didn't have any clean laundry, and was hoping to be able to go out in jeans. fortunately for me, he decided that bistro=jeans.

the bistro is tucked out of the way, near the Financial district. cold, cold walking over there - probably because my immune system is down, i'm even colder than usual (i know - who would have thought that was possible?) and the wind coming off the water was just cutting right thru me. we found the place, tho, after stepping around a few drunks and a lot of construction.

the food was pretty good, much to my pleasant surprise. got a salad thingy and a grilled lobster (note to self: just get them boiled. it's better.) there appeared to be only one waiter for the whole place, which made for sort of slow service. i don't know why they didn't have at least one more person on. there were 20 or so tables, and most all of them were full, so they could have afforded another person. the waiter was as helpful as he could be, considering.

earl and i talked about pretty much everything, and it was good to reconnect. we haven't had a chance to talk in a while, and it's amazing how much stuff goes right by you when you don't talk on a regular basis. i kept getting distracted, tho, by this mysterious door. earl was facing in, i was facing out, watching the restaurant. and there was this door by the register. it didn't have a handle, or any sort of hinge that i could see. it was the door for the supply closet - where all the linens and plates and things were kept. the waiter kept opening that damn door, and i couldn't see how.

it was making me a little crazy, because it became like a puzzle. i wanted to know how it worked, and i kept looking over at just the wrong time to see how it worked. funny how little things like that can get under your skin and rattle around in your brain (please pardon the mixed metaphor).

i was all excited for dessert - they had a cherry tart on the menu, and i got a glass of muscadet to go with it. much to my chagrin, i ended up with a blueberry tart. no explanation. hrmph. when i finally got the hostess's attention, she explained that they never had the cherry tart. i got her to swap it out for a chocolate thingy, and that was much better. not that i have anything against blueberries, mind you. it just wasn't what i wanted.

and then when we got the tab, the dessert was still on there. i explained the situation to the waiter, and had him take it off the bill. why, oh, why do i let stuff like that get to me?

tried to call my bro before i headed out to wimp out of tomorrow - seemed kind of tacky, going out for dinner tonight and wimping out of visiting him. but as earl pointed out, it takes less energy to go cross town than cross state. and i'm not convinced that this crud is past the contagious state yet; the last thing i want is to pass this along to his family.

unfortunately, they were out. i totally forgot they were going out tonight. they had invited me along, so i did know about it befor hand, but it slipped my mind.

talked briefly to my niece, who was very cute. then i spent far too much time worrying about when i could call in the morning. i didn't want to call too early and wake them up, but i wanted to call in time to catch them before they headed out for the morning. part of me was also still hoping that i'd be feeling well enough to go, but i don't think there will be any such luck. plus, also, i haven't gotten his present yet. napping took nearly all my energy today. i feel like such a bad sister. :(

about all i had the energy left for after all that was a little reading (thank god for crappy entertainment mags) and crashing out.

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