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death to smoochie


feeling kinda how a girl feels

if you'd rather not hear intimate details, then i'd stop reading here if i were you.

*twiddles fingers and hums*

still here? oh, good!

so i got me some action last night. first time in over eight months. i finally broke the dry spell.

mind you, i think he's just a one night stand; it was good, but it wasn't that good.

but it was better than waiting another eight months, i'll say that.

i took myself over to a new hangout, and was quite happily sitting at the bar, watching people (one of my favorite pasttimes). much to my delight, Cute Bartender Boy comes over and cuts right to the chase. 'wanna go smooch?'

i couldn't stop giggling and smiling. first, i can't remember the last time the pickup line came before the small talk. second, who the heck uses the word smooch anymore? who?

of course, i said yes. so after he got off (work! got off work!), we went out to his car. nice car, too. mmm... Cute Bartender Boy is high on the smoochability scale. yum... and he had on a sexy leather coat. i love the smell of leather and aftershave. *swoons*

when it became clear that things were progressing, i asked him back to my place. this is not to say that i haven't done it in a car before. just - not that car, not that night. i kept looking in my rear view mirror on the way home, and was so taken by the fact that he was following me that i kept glancing at his headlights and blew right past the turn for my house. whoops. *g*

Cute Bartender Boy cons: he's highly enamored of his own equipment. he's not much for foreplay. he's not in this for a commitment. he's not into toys. he never took off his socks.

Cute Bartender Boy pros: he's not in this for a commitment. he wasn't exaggerating about the equipment. he stopped and held me when the tears came, telling me to let it all out. he held me for a bit afterwards.

i've been told by some friends that i'm highly guy-like in some ways, this being one of them. Cute Bartender Boy and i went into this with a clear understanding that it was a quick adventure, all about the sex, and that was it. and i'm fine with that. if you give me a crisp set of rules up front, then i can decide to opt in or not. clearly, i opted in on this one. and it was a lovely romp. will i see him again? maybe. does it matter? eh. i think i'll just savor the moment.

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