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magic in the Square and on the waterfront


feeling kinda how a girl feels

didn't really mean to, but spent all afternoon in the Square today. i meant to head in, have coffee with a friend and clear up a few things, catch Penn's show, and then head home before heading down to work. but one thing led to another, and there you have it.

small sidebar: i got one of those hands free ear bud thingies for my new cell phone, and what fun! it's not as if i could have used the damn thing in the car without the earbud, seeing as how i drive a standard, which generally makes use of both hands and feet, if done properly. so i needed to get it if i intended to be able to use the phone in the car, which was sort of the point of getting it in the first place. ahhh... but i have discovered the secret joy of hands free! now, my friends no longer need to be *in* the car to hear the car rant! i can be driving along and cuss out someone mid-sentence, should they, say, *step in front of my car* or try to take off my front end. i know, i know... there are those of you who will say that these things are happening because i'm paying attention to the phone rather than the road. let me just say this about that: you haven't driven in Boston lately, have you? ;)

so, coffee happened. iced coffee, naturellment. because it's still friggin' hot. and conversations were had. it was a reasonable reset, i think. we'll see. i'm also pulling back a bit, because i realize that i'm doing the same damn thing all over again: spending a lot of time and energy that i don't really have to spare on other peoples' issues. and that just leads down the slippery slope of clinical depression all over again. so. conversations were had, boundaries were discussed, and i'll be doing some serious Watching Out for Numero Uno.

[let me also warn you... it's hot enough that this might not be the most coherent of entries. hope you're all fine with that. yes? oh, goodie!]

spent a good chunk of time watchingPenn work his spot, trying to be the good audience member, clapping a lot and walking up every so often to help him build an edge. a couple of my friends joined me here and there, and were very entertained. here's the funny thing: after i'd heard his pitch enough times, i could recite it along with him. so rather than doing what i always do with movies (which makes my friends mildly nuts), which is say the lines along under my breath, i started watching the crowd. whoo hee. i know it takes all types; i think i saw most of them today.

one thing that became very clear is that tipping is a highly regional thing. not sure how street performers are treated elsewhere, but of course you bring your habits with you when you travel. and apparently, some places don't believe in tossing a dollar in the hat for the ten or fifteen minutes of entertainment you just got. maybe these people don't know that, at least around here, this is how some people make a living, pay the rent and bills.

anyway, i think i figured out the Rope Trick. not that i could *do* it, mind you. no way. just not that coordinated. but watch long enough, and you start to see how a trick might be done. as it stands, the only trick i know right now is the origami trick with the new twenty.

and then there was the evening. got downtown - gorgeous breeze on the waterfront. and again, gotta love the cell phone. got impatient waiting for the shuttle, called down, and had a friend, shall we say, motivate the driver to make an early run. always nice. :) had a Pathetic Moment before the show: i was starving, so popped next door to grab a lobster roll. came with fries, and as i was walking back, i had the styro clamshell open so i could munch on the fries. mmm, yeah, well - that breeze? flipped the whole thing out of my hand and splattered my lobster roll on the pavement. i was so hungry, and it would have been such a sin to waste all that lobster meat that i knelt down and kept chanting 'thirty second rule, thirty second rule' as i snatched up all the good bits. and yes. i did eat it. so there. :p

i had really been looking forward to this particular show, and it didn't disappoint. this was one of the stops on the UpRooted Tour - Young Dubliners, Seven Nations, and Great Big Sea. three Irish bands, all with gorgeous lead singers, on the waterfront, *and* i'm getting paid, *and* my boss scammed me a spot Right Next to the Stage so i was no more than 10 feet from the bands? what more could a girl want? oh, wait. one more thing. i got to meet the lead singer for Seven Nations. *drool*

he is, bar none, the most gorgeous creature i've ever met. tall, thin, long hair, great smile, nice hands, sings, plays bagpipe and guitar, and he's Nice! chatted for a few minutes and signed my CD - 'thanks so much, love.' *giddy giggles* oh my, oh my, oh my... god love my mom. first question? 'did you take him home?' heeheehee. nope, altho not for lack of trying, mom. ;) offered to stand the boys a round of beers, if they wanted to pop around to the local. seems like a good pickup line for an Irish band, no?

even tho they didn't come by, it was still nice to check out Eddie the Greek's. no, that's not the name of the place. it's the owner's name. i'm unwilling to dish on my fave waterfront haunt, as it's already crowded. (altho i'm sure you could figure it out, if you know the area, and if you do, i'll stand you a beer.) caught up with Eddie, which entails him paying me many compliments and a big smooch, which always puts me in a good mood. all around, a pleasant day, and headed home humming jigs.

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