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i'm an idiot. i'm an idiot! ...back to you.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

or, my misadventures with boys

oooohhhh - *drops head in hands* i feel like an idiot. i had this whole rush of 5th grade, all over again. i made an ass out of myself.

i suppose it would help if i explained a little of the backstory, eh?

so, i went to NYC for the day. uneventful trip down; most exciting thing that happened was that i put my coffee down while buying a pack of smokes and walked away without the coffee. even that wasn't so exciting, as the woman behind the counter still had it for me when i walked back ten minutes later. i swear, if my head weren't attached...

hung out in the restaurant in Penn for a bit, then met up with my bro in law, who was kind enough to take some time out of his afternoon. we wandered around, chatting and looking at things, letting me play tourist, and ducking into coffee shops. nice afternoon.

then we went and checked out the theatre. i had gotten us seats for a taping - a friend of mine was taping a special for Comedy Central. okay, maybe 'friend' is presuming too much; let me put it this way - he and i and a mutual friend went out drinking late one night, and i caught up with him again the next night. so i know him. how's that?

i had called to let him know i was going to be in town for the show, and was he interested in coffee, or did he have time for lunch? didn't hear back from him before i got down there, and figured i wouldn't catch him at the show, either, as it was going to be crazy busy. i did drop off a book for him (English as a Second F*cking Language, with a note tucked inside - a cute watercolor postcard from the caf¸ i had been at earlier), and asked the security person if he could get it back to him. the security person wanted to know if i was family, which in my book is never a good question, so i said no. it was pointed out later that if i'd said yes, i might have gotten back stage. just as well - it's never good to try seeing someone before a show.

anyway, sis and bill came in and met up with us, and we had a surprisingly good dinner at a Mexican place across from the theatre. then we went and froze our asses off in line, as it took them a good 45 minutes past load in time to get us all into the theatre. fortunately, it was worth it. my friend was an extra ten percent funny, to make up for us freezing half to death. i found it especially funny when he cracked himself up on stage.

all sounds good, right? it was. the embarassing part was the next day. i had some time to spare, and figured i'd call to see if he was free for lunch; if he was, i could head in early.

*ring* *ring*



and i hang up.

i was not expecting a voice; i half figured i'd hit the voice mail again. when i heard a real live voice, i clutched and hung up.

and about 40 seconds later, the phone rang. mm hm. he *69ed me (sounds kinky, but it was just mortifying). not my phone, so i didn't answer. when i figured out who it was, tho, i grabbed the phone.

'hi!' i said, brightly. 'i'm an idiot. i'm an idiot! i'm so sorry, but i got all flustered. so sorry! i'm an idiot.' i babbled like that for far too long, i'm sure. but we did have a nice chat, and he still wants to see me when he's in town. so it couldn't have been that bad, right?

huh. i still feel like an idiot.

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