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i was at work (Job #2) the other night, and had a very disconcerting moment. i went over to check on C, and leaned up against a marble pillar. suddenly, everything shifted.

if you're not familiar with my medical history (god knows, it's hard enough for me to keep up with it) i have vasovagal syncopy. fancy term for low blood pressure and a tendency to pass out. i've had it under control for about a year or so.

leaning against the pillar, i thought the VVS was back. everything looked shaky, and i thought i was about to hit the floor.

turns out, the two pillars on Mezz Left are spring loaded. who knew? and it makes no sense. it's not as if you get enough extra room to move in equipment - when both pillars move, you get maybe another inch or so. so it's not about access... and i can't imagine what sort of architectural need would call for this.

it was so odd, i pulled the guy on the other hall over to check. i had walked back to the other hall, and leaned tentatively on the pillar there. he thought i was trying to put a trick knee back in place. 'nope. c'mere. i have to show you something.'

god love him... his jaw hit the floor with a resounding thunk, which made me feel better. i mean - i've worked there for a year and a half, and i had no idea that the pillars moved! and when you lean against marble? you have this idea that things aren't going to shift.

C had a very funny comment (i don't like her all that much, as she's very territorial and assertive in a bad way, but it was funny) - 'i call it the Orpheum Sobriety Test.' i can't even imagine how messed up you would be if you'd had a few beers and the pillar moved. i was freaked out enough, stone cold sober. solid objects just shouldn't shift. :)

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