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the capper - it's raining. and i forgot my umbrella.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

random thought for today, courtesy of Adam Corolla on The Man Show, which i rarely ever watch - 'always remember, the condiments are free.'

i'm doing a little better today (she said, cautiously). it appears this cold won't have the deathgrip on me that the last one did. oooooo. that would be nice. hey, i could breathe with relative ease when i woke up! yee haa! it's the simple things, folks.

and i painted my nails a lovely spring-y shade of green last night. i'm really happy with the way the color came out. it's a light, glittery green, warm enough that it doesn't look like i have some sort of fungal infection. i mean, i love green, but let's face it: it's not the most natural color for your nails to be. most green polishes are too much to the blue side, and just look unhealthy. then again, too far to the yellow side, and you look jaundiced. that middle place is a tough one to find. but this one works. yay!

the continued impact of the layoffs is ugly. now, it's people walking up and down the halls, muttering 'why is *he* still here? they should have fired him, and kept ___.' lemme tell you, this does nothing for one's morale. you start to wonder 'huh. who's thinking that about me?' because, of course, you think that someone has had that thought. and you want to know who. i'm telling you, it's fugly. i thought a buyout was the worst thing you could wish on your competitors. turns out layoffs are right up there.


well, i never did get around to futzing with DSL last night. just too damn tired. i did bake some chicken with stuffing and gravy (love those meal-in-a-box-just-add-chicken things) and got most of my dishes done while waiting for that, which was a good thing. i could have sworn i heard a midnight conference in low voices the other night as the SinkBeings planned a takeover.

so tonight, i think i'll clean a little more, at least to get up the shreds of dead plant off the floor, and then try to get DSL up and running. the shreds are kind of depressing; they scattered all over the place when i was taking the plant out last week. as usually happens, i did just fine with this lovely, drape-y ivy kind of plant in my living room window for a while. i remembered to water it, and it looked happy. then i forgot for a bit. it didn't look so happy. i tackle most things in my life head on. unhappy plants? send me scurrying for the foothills. so i ignored it for a while, hoping the cats would take pity on it and water it while i was at work. nope. and then it was just too late. i put off the 'disposal of the body' for a little longer, until it looked like someone had spewed burnt popcorn all over my chair. the poor limp dead plant went out, spewing the last of its dry crumbly leaves. and i got a new plant. i haven't had the heart to tell it about it's predecessor yet.

so please send warm thoughts my way tomorrow, if you can. the boy is coming by sometime to drop of the last few of my things. one of them is a CD with all my files, including my taxes for the last few years. since i need those, i had to call him again the other day. it didn't go well. it was a short, brutal phone call. i'm hoping that we can still be nice to each other, that he just needs some space. i'm afraid that it will be ugly and confrontational. i want things to work out, that we can be friends at some point, and am trying to accept that they may not. and i'm nervous. good karma my way, please?

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