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it's after hours in the office, most everyone is gone because of the snow, and i have David Gray playing on my speakers, as i often do. the man just makes me happy.

bossman didn't come in today, but left a voice mail saying he was afraid of the snow. i'm guessing this means we don't see him at all this week, as it's only supposed to get worse. one weatherman (person?) last night said it was going to snow for the better part of three days. dunno how that's the better part, except that the worse part is shovelling it all when it stops. it's been snowing for about 4 or 5 hours, and it's starting to stick. like wet, nasty, clumpy stick. as in, ugly, dangerous driving stick. while i feel kind of wimpy for saying this, it's nasty enough that i don't think i'll be going to the gym tonight. i think i'd rather get home early and in one piece. besides, i'm figuring that if i move furniture and mop the kitchen floor, more than the desultory swipe i usually give it, and then do a half hour or so of yoga, that will be a decent work out.

and anyway, the cats are demanding my presence. i can feel it, all the way from here. i have not been there to attend their every need, to feed them peeled grapes and fan them with palm fronds... oh, wait. that's my fantasy. they haven't yet figured out how to open the cabinet and refill their dishes, so (altho i'm sure it pains them) they still depend on me. and i've been absent for nearly two days. all the way across town, i can feel their irritation. 'where are you?' (they seem to be saying.) 'why is it you find that boy so appealing? why must he come first?'

it's like this, kittens. charming as i find you both, he does provide some entertainment that you do not. for example - when's the last time you made me pizza? from scratch? with basil and fresh tomatoes? huh? huh? never, i think. and how about shooting some pool? what's that? oh, yeah... that little matter of the opposable thumb that you don't have. makes it kind of tricky to hold onto the cue. and i have *never* caught the boyfriend up on the counter, licking the pot roast i have left to cool.

i do admit that you're on equal playing ground in some respects. while i don't have to clean his litter box, there is some tidying up that goes along with boy maintenance. and you win on the sharing a bed front - purring is far more appealing than snoring.

tell you what, minou minous. i will come home tonight, clean up your litter box, feed you the Good Stuff (that's right, the stuff from the cans), maybe break out a little o' the nip, and then we can curl up together and watch Gideon's Crossing together. how does that sound for an evening together?

and speaking of the delicious Andrč Braugher... i'm very sad that Mighty Big TV has determined that the show is not worthy of recapping. i love MBTV. the writers are wonderful, and i would much rather read their witty barbs along with plot details than watch a taped show any day. something about watching a show on tape makes it feel empty. i know, i know - no difference live or Memorex. i'm just saying. sadly (for me, anyway), MBTV is focusing it's energies elsewhere. oh well. hey, at least they have Once and Again and ER still going.

maybe i'll do some reading tonight, too. picked up a handful of books this weekend, including Girl with a Pearl Earring, which is similar in some broad respects to Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. i gave my sis the second for Christmas, and after i got it she told me about the first book. they're both good, but i far prefer Gregory MacGuire's Confessions. Girl is a fun, quick read, tho. i also picked up Shrub by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose. the two are sharp and sharp-witted reporters; i figure if i need to find out some facts about Dubbya, this is a relatively painless way to do it. sadly, since the appointment of King George, i feel the need to be able to marshall the facts behind my conviction that the Shrub is a woefully inadequate person to be filling the office of president. perhaps they will change my mind, as i read this book, but i think not. hey, at least i'll be the life of any cocktail party! ;)

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