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ah, the subtle seductions of HTML... i've spent most of the day tweaking away at the site, not making big changes, mind you, just cleaning up here and there. and now it's late, and i need to go food shopping, and i haven't written my entry yet. feh.

started doing a little bit of holiday shopping this weekend. actually, i take that back. i did birthday shopping, sweetie did holiday shopping. i very nearly had to kill a cashier in the process - she was trying to wait on me, deal with another cashier, and manage keys for the store, which is tough. and i would have cut her some slack if she had even so much as acknowledged my presence with 'i'll be right with you'. but noooooooo... she never made eye contact with me. and when i turned down a gift box because it was ridiculously outsized, she treated me like an idiot child and tried to convince me to take it. no, thank you. i don't want the box. yes, i see what size it is. no, asking me five times won't convince me i really need a shoe box for a tiny gift. 'how about a bag?', she said, with a sneer. 'yes, please, that would be lovely.' [and you most definitely shouldn't be working retail, m'dear.] actually, she irritated me so much that i think what i said to earl was that i wanted to rip her a new ... well, let's just say that normally i'm not that violent. this is the one part of the holiday season i could do without.

started putting together my cookie list for this year, and am starting to think i might not make cookies for most people, but i might try breads or candies. just to be different. i'd like to make a gingerbread house again, but i'm not sure who i could make it for. yeah, i could just make it for myself, but that's not as fun. i did promise mark i'd make the walnut cups for him. 8)

did i tell you the dog story? no? i wasn't sure... when we went out looking for a fake tree, we went to Bradlee's. the tree section scared me (they were singing, yo - that's not right), so i wandered off to look at some other things. i feel sweetie come up behind me, and i turn around and jumped a little, because he had a German shepherd under his arm. it wasn't real, but it looked real enough that i had to do a double take. it's a good sized plush toy, and he's got a little leather nose, and leather trim around his mouth (lips? dogs don't have lips, do they?) that makes it look pretty damn realistic. i ended up walking around with the dog, petting it and talking to it, and forgetting that it looked like the real McCoy to other people. we get up to the register, and i turned around to talk to sweetie while the woman in front of me finished paying, which meant i had my back to the cashier. when i turned around, she caught sight of the dog and quite literally jumped back about two feet, squealing. her co-worker thought this was pretty damn funny, so i had some apologizing to do (no, no, i wasn't trying to freak you out).

honey was all for tossing the dog in the trunk, but i would have none of that - the dog got to ride in the front seat. we went to the mall after that, and i was sure we'd come back to a note on the car, demanding to know how we could be so cruel as to leave the dog in the car without leaving the window open a crack. the people pulling out next to us from the garage were pretty amused by the dog hanging his head out the window and generally lolling around.

the funniest was when we got back to sweetie's place, and he introduced the dog to the dog - the stuffed dog got to meet nicky, or vice versa. nicky went apeshit - i've never seen her like that. first she tried sniffing the dog's butt, to see if she could play with it. then she tried to bite it and carry it around like a toy. she was growling and barking, and her hair was standing up a little, and she just had no idea what to do. stu's opinion is that there are a limited number of categories in dog life: food, toys, people, and dogs. and this thing just didn't fit into any of them. or, fit into too many of them, and just confused the daylights out of nicky.

hey, would anyone be willing to come over my house and rub my feet? you know when you get dead tired and you just want to be pampered, and a foot rub sounds like heaven - it's one of those nights. or maybe you'd be willing to alphabetize my CD collection? it's starting to get tougher to find my music, which means i end up listening to the same 3 CDs over and over again. mostly, i'm brain-tired, but that's enough. i've got to pick up a few groceries, get home and make dinner, do some chores, reward myself by watching Once and Again, and ... ooooooooo. i just had a thought. maybe i'll treat myself to an oil bath before bed. oooooooo. oh, that sounds lovely. soak in the hot water, moisturize my poor winter-dry skin, and slide into bed all warm and relaxed. aw yeah... i see a big ol' scented bath in my future.

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